Mercury Combines with 3 Higher-Mind Energies – Mar 30/31

At 11:47am Venus at 11:16 Aries Sextiles Saturn at 11:16 Aquarius.

A nice productive aspect between our personal desires and motivations and our responsibility to our social network. Or we are motivated to acquire and some acquaintance offers up some charity. Its minor, but could be just the ticket. Or your selfie on social media attracts gets you a social status boost.

At 11:54pm Mercury at 23:04 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 23:04 Aquarius.

Mercury rules news and rumor mills. Jupiter rules broadcasting and spiritual philosophy. In Pisces, Mercury is out of his usual superficial element and able to see into all that has been hidden. Jupiter in Aquarius is unexpected good fortune for groups, spiritual types, legal types or foreigners. A minor aspect involving all 3 Higher-Minded energies and Mercury, our lower/conscious mind. What gets said, thought, written or heard is bound to be significant.

Wednesday, AM

At 12:50am Mercury at 23:08 Pisces Squares the Dec 14 Solar Eclipse degree.

Just a few minutes after the above aspect, Mercury will be revealing some ideas around the progress we have made on the ‘fresh start’ of the Solar Eclipse at 23:08 Sagittarius. The Sun and Venus have moved through this degree already, but Mercury allows us to ‘hear and see’ some of the progress that is being made. Though as he is in Pisces, there can still be some hidden activity. Watch what gets said and how it relates to the Eclipse.

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