Uranus Semi-Sextiles Chiron – Mar 31

At 1:01pm Venus at 12:34 Aries Sextiles the North Node at 12:34 Gemini.

You are able to initiate a conversation and express your desires productively. Or you may just jump in the car and go visit a sibling, neighbor, classmate or head right over to the school itself. You are motivated to look beautiful or express your values or seek ways to acquire resources around your block.

At 1:05pm Mercury at 24:00 Pisces Semi-Squares Uranus at 9:00 Taurus.

Mercury is in a sort of 3-way with Uranus as he exacts his Semi-Sextile to Chiron. You may be able to express what the Semi-Sextile energy is all about. The words could come popping out of your mouth and you may not even recognize them as your own, but they are there. Though you could be hidden from the one you are expressing yourself to. There is an irritation of some sort from what you communication, think or plan and it will CHANGE your plans in some way. But the change is necessary.

At 1:58pm Uranus at 9:00 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 9:00 Aries.

The placement of these 2 Planets at this time has been quite startling in many ways. Chiron in Aries has us unmotivated and insecurity. This insecurity has many content to wear a mask to hide the way people would see them otherwise. You can’t recognize everyone for sure? Well that’s part of the insecurity playing out. Uranus in Taurus is changing our ideas around ‘touch’. Uranus rules socializing in groups, but in Taurus he can change up our usual desires to socialize and touch. Especially with the ongoing Square from Saturn in Aquarius (the Sign Uranus rules) restricting our socializing and creating boundaries as well. Uranus in Taurus has been changing up everyone’s earned income and available resources as well. Uranus rules philanthropy and freedom. There have been various ways in which we have seen changes to our ‘assets’ over the last year. Taurus rules the lips and mouth, which is where our masks are. Today these 2 energies meet in a minor, but productive way. Isn’t it shocking to you that people are so worried about ‘touch’ right now? Or people are STILL wearing masks? This aspect may be hard to recognize the exact meaning today, but watch around this timeframe to see what flash of lightning or inspiration Uranus offers you that affects your insecurity or lack of motivation.

Keep in mind, these 2 Heavenly bodies have been in this aspect for most of the last year.

At 5:04pm the Sun at 11:22 Aries Sextiles Saturn at 11:22 Aquarius.

A helpful aspect allowing us to see our personal goals and how they are working to achieve some recognition from a group or via social media. It may be a moment where you are recognized for your actions or purpose. The recognition is personal OR you may find yourself recognizing a group effort. Either way it will solidify the personal or group goals.

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