Mercury Enters Aries & Quintiles the North Node – Apr 3/4

Saturday, Apr 3, EST

At 11:41pm Mercury Ingresses Aries.

Time for mental action. You will be initiating your new plans and putting them into motion. Mercury is moving very quickly right now and will zip through Aries and Ingress Taurus on April 19. So use the next 16 days to get those phone calls in and to SEE people. Get in the car and GO.

Sunday, Apr 4

At 6:02am the Moon at 14:51 Capricorn Squares the Sun at 14:51 Aries creating the Last Quarter Moon.

Here we will SEE (Sun) how we FEEL (Moon) about our personal goals in relation to our career and social status goals.

At 7:15am Mercury at 0:34 Aries Quintiles the North Node at 12:34 Gemini.

Way to start off on a high note as Mercury Transits through Aries. Mercury rules the North Node as it moves through his Sign of Gemini. So there is plenty to talk about and people will begin initiating these conversations. At least until Mercury approaches Chiron on Fri, Apr 9. For the time being, use this effortless energy to see what new ideas and plan you have arrived at while Mercury dissolved some of these things as he Transited Pisces. Keeping things local and ACTION WORDS are big points for today.

Finally, all of the Personal Planets are now starting the new annual cycle. Mercury joins Venus and the Sun in Aries, ruled by Mars. Mars is up ahead in Gemini, ruled by Mercury. If you want yourself reaching out to talk, it is one of these 2 placements: Mercury in Aries or Mars in Gemini. They are in mutual reception right now so act very much the same.

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