Love, Insecurity & Optimism – Apr 6

There are no aspects exacting on Monday so let’s take a look at where we are right now:

  • The Sun is less than 50 degrees from its position (5:26 Gemini) at the upcoming Lunar Eclipse of May 26 with Moon at 5:26 Sagittarius.
  • The Sun is a week from Trine to the last Solar Eclipse of Dec 14 at 23:08 Sagittarius. We should be wrapping up that super-charged ‘Fresh Start’ here soon.
  • We are 6 days away from the New Moon at 22:25 Aries that exacts on Apr 11. This will be the official ‘fresh start’ to our motivations and willpower. This New Moon follows the Full Moon in Aries so we got clear about our personal motivations and relationships and know what personal goals will be soon.
  • Right now ALL of the Planets are Direct. Pluto will be the first Planet to Retrograde this season on April 27 at 26:48. He is currently at 26:41.

At 7:17am (EST) Venus at 19:44 Aries Sextiles Mars at 19:44 Gemini.

A nice productive aspect bringing in Mercury via Gemini energy. Our male and female energies are in mental sync. Or men and women are enjoying chatting and planning. Mars may be ready to go places and Venus jumps right in with the plan.

At 5:36pm Jupiter at 24:22 Aquarius Semi-Squares Chiron at 9:22 Aries.

With Jupiter’s optimism, good fortune and healing powers, there isn’t much irritation here. Rather we may get a glimpse of the things making us insecure. Both Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius can have us flip-flopping over whether to socialize or not. Jupiter is ready to great, mingle and exchange philosophies. For anyone who is happy wearing a mask, Jupiter could irritate them for a moment, but also offer them some optimism that they could really use right now. He can help heal any insecurity and push us out into the bigger world.

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