Hand of Merlin & Mercury Runs the Gauntlet – Apr 7-9

Over the next 3 days we have a rolling Hand of Merlin involving Mercury in Aries, Mars in Gemini and Pluto in Capricorn. Mars Biquintiles Pluto and Mercury moves through a Quintile to each of them. Mercury and Mars are in ‘mutual reception’ as they are Transiting through each other’s Signs. Its effortless to initiate communication and to pursue some financial career objective or physical intimacy.

Wednesday, Apr 7, EST

At 8:54pm Venus at 21:40 Aries Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 21:40 Pisces.

A minor, but productive, aspect around touch, beauty, love and a deep feeling of contentment. Women could initiate some touch or men will act on their desires and all will feel right.

At 10:52pm Mars at 20:43 Gemini Biquintiles Pluto at 26:43 Capricorn.

Part 1 of the Hand of Merlin – We are motivated to communicate and share our ideas. This magical aspect means we could be pitching some ideas to an authority or financial backer who may just decide to underwrite our pursuits.

Thursday, Apr 8

At 5:20pm Mercury at 8:43 Aries Quintiles Pluto at 26:43 Capricorn.

Part 2 of the Hand of Merlin – Here is more of the same good energy around communicating or acting on our ideas. It is possible there is a 3rd person involved in this magical energy.

Friday, Apr 9, AM

At 1:44am Mercury at 9:23 Aries Quintiles Mars at 21:23 Gemini.

Part 3 of the Hand of Merlin – Now we have ourselves initiating our new ideas, acting on them or sharing them with neighbors, siblings, classmates, etc. Or we may take off in the car to talk to someone or to begin sealing the deal, so to speak.

At 2:37am Mercury at 9:28 Aries Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 9:28 Taurus.

Now we have some inspired initiation of communication or acting on our thoughts and desires. You could have a woman weigh in on the magical energy you’ve been moving through. She could offer some revelation that takes things even further.

At 3:08am Mercury at 9:30 Aries Conjuncts Chiron at 9:30 Aries.

But here we have to content with some insecurity or lack of motivation so act earlier in the evening for best results. If your words turn a bit sour later, it may be this energy. Look for it to separate and see what you have left of the magical results to seal the final deal.

At 7:21am Mercury at 9:50 Aries Semi-Squares Jupiter at 24:50 Aquarius.

Maybe too much talking here that isn’t going to help the situation. Or a mentor or senior (grandparent, etc) says something that gives you a different perspective on the situation before you. Now everyone is involved in your decision and that may be irritating as you incorporate their perspectives. Thankfully Aries energy will help you act on your ideas even though they have been ran through the gauntlet.

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