Clear Actions, Goals & Success; Mercury Enters Taurus – Apr 13/14

Tuesday, Apr 13, EST, PM

At 7:09pm the Sun at 24:14 Aries Sextiles Mars at 24:14 Gemini.

Mars rules the other Personal Planets Transiting through his Sign, Aries, right now. So we are getting clear (Sun) about our actions and motivations (Aries/Mars) and we can make plans (Gemini) accordingly. Our actions are productive and our goals are being met.

At 8:14pm the Sun at 24:17 Aries Quintiles Saturn at 12:17 Aquarius.

Now the Sun goes from action to being more cautious due to Saturn’s influence. But the Quintile will make everything feel effortless and we can be very successful if we ARE more cautious before we act. A productive evening where we may spend less time on social media in order to pursue our own goals for success.

Wednesday, Apr 14

At 2:22pm Mercury Ingresses Taurus.

Mercury in Aries had each of us more like to initiate communication. Now as Mercury goes from Aries’ Cardinal (Initiating) Fire energy to Taurus’ Fixed Earth energy, communications will be slower, but have more meaning and be beautifully expressed. Our mental mind will be on beauty, love, our personal values and we can express these things in a loving, beautiful way.

At 4:17pm Mars at 24:46 Gemini Semi-Squares Uranus at 9:46 Taurus.

Accident-prone is when Mars and Uranus meet in a hard aspect. This one is an irritation. You could accidentally send a text message to the wrong person, but it might ignite some passion you weren’t counting on. Or you might have a little mishap while driving. Or you could unexpectedly message someone you have been interested in, but find out they aren’t available.

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