An Active Day of Communication – Apr 17/18

At 1:14am Mars at 26:12 Gemini Trines Jupiter at 26:12 Aquarius.

It may be hard to sleep as you want to get up and socialize or communicate with new acquaintances or mentors and the like. This is a great ‘restless leg syndrome’ kind of a night where you could be going places while sleeping and feel like you didn’t really sleep at all. Or you could have loads of inspiring ideas coming through and you want to boldly tell everyone. Or it may just be easy energy that helps you enjoy some social time.

At 12:00pm Mercury at 26:16 Aries Sextiles Jupiter at 26:16 Aquarius.

Now you will be really ready to tell others your ideas or to act on them. You could be very busy on social media or getting out to meet others. You may wax poetic or share some unexpected philosophical insights.

At 2:04pm Mercury at 26:28 Aries Semi-Squares the North Node at 11:28 Gemini.

This could bring up some irritation from someone in your neighborhood who isn’t as prepared for your new ideas or your current aggressive communication style.

At 3:09pm Mercury at 26:33 Aries Sextiles Mars at 26:33 Gemini.

The easy action and communication just continues and we are aligning our actions and words to be more effective. Mars and Mercury are in mutual reception (Transiting the Sign the other one rules) so they are interchangeable and the same energy at both ends of the aspect. But aspects below are nearing exact and could put a damper on our words and actions by evening time.

At 5:49pm Mercury at 26:47 Aries Squares Pluto at 26:47 Capricorn.

There is likely to be some confrontation from someone about your actions, words or both. Duck and jive is the key here. Accept the steely glare and don’t agitate. Words spoken with show you something of what your/our Pluto-entities are up to of late.

Sunday, Apr 18, AM

At 12:26am Mars at 26:47 Gemini Quincunx Pluto at 26:47 Capricorn.

Here it is best to adjust yourself right away and don’t let things escalate further. You or another could be the one getting verbally aggressive and someone wants to stop you in your tracks. Or they may hold the purse strings and you have to adjust your plans accordingly.

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