Venus Quintile Jupiter, Ah Ha! – Apr 21

At 9:01pm Venus at 9:00 Taurus Quintiles Jupiter at 27:00 Aquarius.

A 5D/Magical aspect between the 2 Healing Planets. Venus is Transiting her own Sign of Taurus emphasizing beauty, our personal values and valuables, desires, attraction, women and finances or the way we acquire what we need. Jupiter expands things, makes things possible, gives us optimism, wisdom and benevolence towards others as well as broadcasting of our philosophical perspectives. Jupiter is Transiting in Aquarius which rules our hopes wishes and dreams, social media, groups we belong to, awareness and change, unexpected and/or sudden events, philanthropy and charity, freedom and all good things become universal to all.

Put these 2 in a Magical ‘effortless’ aspect and our wishes can come true! What are we wishing for? More love? More universal charity and goodwill? More prosperity? Jupiter in Aquarius can be literally ‘unexpected’ (Aquarius) good fortune (Jupiter). Or revelatory optimism and new perspectives. Venus can make all these good things personal to each of us while Jupiter and Aquarius make it universal too.

You can have sudden (Aquarius) attraction (Venus) with a senior, college student/professor or foreigner (Jupiter). Or a woman could inspire you to change-up your big picture, spiritual or philosophical perspective. Many great things can occur with this aspect, but it is pretty fast-moving so look for it and see how easily you acquired your desires or optism.

Or you could be the ‘belle’ (Venus) of the ‘ball’ (Aquarius) and look VERY (Jupiter expands) beautiful.

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