Mercury Quintiles Jupiter & Conjuncts Uranus – Apr 23/24

Friday, Apr 23, EST

Mercury is just 2 degrees behind Venus at the moment. He will be closing that gap over the weekend. What this means is that we have felt our desires, but have to wait to see or hear about them. Mercury is making the same aspects on Friday and Saturday that Venus made on Wednesday and Thursday.

At 3:06pm Mercury at 9:17 Taurus Quintiles Jupiter at 27:17 Aquarius.

Where we had some unexpected attraction on Wed, we now have some possible resulting communication or actually SEEING the person. This aspect involves group hopes, wishes and dreams as well as universal ideas. You could have some inspiring spiritual concepts that you express or multiple ways to acquire resources. Or even offer someone some help they could use. We will certainly be taking the higher road with this energy. The Quintile makes the results magical, aka effortless. Reach out to touch someone or a group with your words.

At 6:26pm Venus at 11:20 Taurus Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 11:20 Gemini.

So our beauty and values are working and creating some ripples within our community or neighborhood. We can express our love to others and offer any assistance or resources that might be helpful. A car or a ride could be just the ticket.

Saturday, Apr 24

At 2:42am Mercury at 10:18 Taurus Conjuncts Uranus at 10:18 Taurus.

Now Mercury will unexpectedly express the desires we were experiencing on Thursday. We could suddenly see just what we need to satisfy our desires or to acquire resources or change the way we earn a living. You could finalize a contract suddenly that provides you a chance to grow your income.

At 3:10am Mercury at 10:20 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 10:20 Aries.

Mercury is working with Chiron on this insecurity we are feeling. Your words could provide comfort to someone else or you could find it easier to express yourself to someone you love.

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