3-Way Words, Desires & Authority – Apr 25

On Sunday, EST, we have Mercury, Venus and Saturn in aspect to each other. The 1st 2 aspects have already occurred, but Mercury Conjunct Venus will exact by dinnertime.

At 12:21am Venus at 12:52 Taurus Squared Saturn at 12:52 Aquarius.

Restricted love and socializing or being accountable to social boundaries. Sometimes love has to set some boundaries and this is one of those moments. Saturn has been limiting our group activities, but is in orb of the Square to Uranus in Taurus where Venus just met Uranus. So Venus is activating their Square right now around our desires, attractions, beauty, etc. If you love someone and make a commitment, you are automatically setting some boundaries with others, or typically.

At 7:58am Mercury at 12:53 Taurus Squared Saturn at 12:53 Aquarius.

Still in tight orb to Uranus, this may have been unexpected communication that delivered a truth-bomb that you didn’t really like. Or maybe someone didn’t talk to you at all and you were desiring a convo with them. Or on social media you might have held your tongue rather than speak your mind.

At 6:19pm Mercury at 13:48 Taurus Conjuncts Venus at 13:48 Taurus.

Now with both Planets through the gauntlet of the Saturn/Uranus Square, we may actually express our changed desires. Or we may reach out to touch someone as a sign of communicating that we are approachable again.

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