Full Moon in Scorpio & Pluto Stations Rx – Apr 26/27

Monday, Apr 26, EST, PM

At 11:31pm the Moon at 7:06 Scorpio Opposes the Sun at 7:06 Taurus creating the annual Full Moon in Scorpio.

An emotional peak involving both money Houses and sensuality/sexuality. It doesn’t get much more intense than that with Pluto-ruled Scorpio involved. Tonight you will SEE (Sun) how you FEEL (Moon) about your intimacy/love and your money/my money dynamics. Is it love or lust? Are you with someone you can be honest and transparent with? Do you value this relationship?

Tuesday, Apr 27

At 4:00am the Sun at 7:17 Taurus Semi-Squares Neptune at 22:17 Pisces.

You may be irritated by what you SEE here, but its helpful in moving through the fog of uncertainty as you get a grip on what is leaving or dissolving in your life. This aspect is part of the Full Moon with the Moon Ses-Square Neptune from Scorpio. So our hidden people, places and things are up for inspection on some level.

At 1:50pm Mercury at 17:35 Taurus Semi-Squares Mars at 2:35 Cancer.

This aspect is more obviously irritating. It could bring some dramatic words that rub you the wrong way. Or you may want to hide at home under the covers rather than face someone.

At 4:02pm Pluto at 26:48 Capricorn Stations Retrograde.

Intensity is emphasized if Stationing Pluto is aspecting something in your Natal Chart. You WILL be feeling him right now if he is hitting a Planet or Point. But the Retrograde Station means he is a weaker position until he Stations Direct again on Oct 6 at 24:19… almost EXACTLY Opposite the US’s Natal Mercury. So don’t expect the Red/Blue division to subside just yet. Though this final pass should resolve some of the duality and polarity and put us on a new path moving forward to the US’s Pluto Return, or Near Death Experience (NDE) as some are calling it. That would be a 4D label for this Transit. But INTENSE it will be. For now, Pluto will Transit back to where he was Mar 3, 2020. So a review of all of the misuse of authority associated with the ‘Global Scamdemic’. Should be an interesting review.

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