Magical, Soulful, 5D Days – May 5/6

Wednesday, May 5, EST

The next 36 Hours are VERY 5D!! Don’t miss the Soul Awareness that is coming through for you.

At 1:14am Jupiter at 28:56 Aquarius Quintiles Uranus at 10:56 Taurus.

2 Higher-Mind Planets meeting in magical aspect of effortless energy. Nothing says ‘Great Awakening’ or ‘Financial Reset’ or ‘Revaluation of Currency’ better than this aspect. Jupiter expands things and makes things fortunate the benevolent. He is currently Transiting through Uranus’s Sign of Aquarius which adds double Uranian energy to the mix. Uranus/Aquarius rules currency, electrical things, awareness, change, shock and awe, unexpected things, revelatory things, galactic things, out-of-this-world things, groups, hive-mind or Fixed Air/ideas to save the Planet, philanthropy, universal and/or communal things or ‘one standard for all’, freedom and compassion, non-judgment, etc. Jupiter rules broadcasting, benevolence, big-picture/global concepts, embracing foreign things with understanding, spiritual beliefs, good fortune. Uranus in Taurus has been shaking-up our available resources (Taurus) and offering unexpected injections of money with earned income (Taurus) lost, our values have been changing, our Fixed Earth (Taurus) has been rocked with new universal concepts in ways we earn a living or provide for ourselves. But Uranus in Taurus has had us suddenly changed some of our beliefs/values and to give of our own resources for the sake of others. “Ubuntu” is a good word for this aspect and Uranus in Taurus: “How can I be happy if my neighbor has not?” We are happy to see everyone’s incomes around the world evened out. We don’t want anyone to have nothing. We can see new ways of providing for ALL. Google NESARA/GESARA for more on how these 3 Quintiles (Today; Jul 3 and Dec 24) of Jupiter and Uranus over the next several months will bring about this ‘debt forgiveness’… like wiping out debt and living without fear of ‘lack.’

At 6:23am Mars at 7:15 Cancer Biquintiles Saturn at 13:15 Aquarius.

Mars in Cancer is motivation around the home, family and is rather security-conscious as in nesting and not going out. Saturn in Aquarius has been restricting our socializing for the last year. But now they are both meeting in a double-magic/5D/Soulful aspect. Will you invite groups of people back to ‘your place?’ Will you initiate some emotions in your social network or with an authority within a group you belong to? Will you take ‘mom’ out on the town to meet some new people? You get the idea.

At 3:03pm Venus at 25:57 Taurus Semi-Sqares Chiron at 10:57 Aries.

While irritating, Venus offers some healing around our insecurity to assert ourselves. If you are masking up, still, you may find that you want someone to see your smile and you miss being able to see others’ smile in return. Reach out and touch. Don’t let your insecurity keep you from showing your inner beauty.

Thursday, May 6

At 7:24am Venus at 26:47 Taurus Trine Pluto at 26:47 Capricorn.

Now our beauty is attracting some intimate partners. They either want to put some money on the table and back your financial needs or they want to pursue you in more sensual/sexual way. You look approachable and lovable and its getting noticed. Or if you need some financial assistance, some authority-type may be there to provide.

At 8:37am Uranus at 11:01 Taurus Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 11:01 Gemini.

Now this aspect takes the ‘Great Awakening’ energy from the Jupiter Quintile to Uranus and grounds it into your physical reality and in your local community. You suddenly know how to express your awakening to those in your neighborhood like siblings, classmates, school people, etc. Keep it simple and your awareness will speak for itself. You don’t need to be too intelligent, but rather let your heart (Taurus) speak for you.

At 1:32pm the North Node at 11:00 Gemini Sextiles Chiron at 11:00 Aries.

Keeping things local and all those flashes of inspiration and awareness received from Uranus now complete the Soul Awareness and makes it personal. You can even be freed of your insecurity and throw off the mask, if you fully let these 5D energies into your Crown Chakra. Remember that you LOVE these people in your neighborhood and try to overcome that insecurity and self-consciousness you have been feeling.

At 1:43pm Mercury at 4:32 Gemini Quintiles Neptune at 22:32 Pisces.

Now we have the magical words to feel content and happy in our neighborhood. Our neighbors who aren’t wearing masks don’t need to scare us. We see that we are ALL connected anyway and the spiritual realms are far more important than the physical reality in front of our face. Our immune system and our central nervous system pose no threat to us when we are unafraid. This magical aspect gives deep contentment and KNOWING that carries us beyond ourselves and our own phobias into a realm of fearlessness.

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