Staying Home is the New Going Out – May 15

At 10:49am Mars at 13:28 Cancer Quincunx Saturn at 13:28 Aquarius.

This is the only aspect all weekend! But it should be noticeable. Mars is our ‘go’ energy and Saturn is our ‘stop’ energy. Mars acts before thinking and Saturn cautious energy reverses that definitively. We can be paralyzed with some Karmic fear in 3D with Saturn involved. But Saturn in Aquarius is being forced to give up some of our ‘status quo’ structures. Authority is being shook-up as people become aware of its many controls, boundaries (good and bad) and too much control.

Today we have to adjust our ‘go’ energy around the home in order to response-able to a group effort or some social event. With summer sun, our home becomes a sanctuary that we are motivated to accomplish our chores. But the bigger world is calling out to us to do our part. Adjust your motivations to extend beyond your own backyard. You are needed somewhere in a social setting. Or bring the party back to your place!

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