Sun Enters Gemini & Squares Jupiter – May 19/20

At 3:37pm (EST) on Thursday the Sun Ingresses Gemini.

This energy feels like a Mercury/Sun Conjunction, but it lasts for a full month. We can clarify our goals and purpose and express it: clear communication. However, Gemini is 3D energy when left to its own nature. The Sun will now join Mercury and Venus in this Sign/Constellation. From Gemini the Sun will Square Jupiter in Pisces (see below), Conjunct the North Node, Sextile Chiron, Semi-Sextile Uranus, Trine Saturn Rx, Square Neptune and Biquintile and then Quincunx Pluto. We can expect to clarify these Outer Planetary energies. But our ‘seen/conscious’ world (Gemini/Mercury) is now clarified and happening in the physical realm. Don’t forget the Inferior Conjunction of Mercury Retrograde to the Sun that exacts on the evening of Jun 10 at 20:21 Gemini. The Solar Eclipse occurs earlier that morning so their Inferior Conjunction (the seeding of a new 165-day cycle is part of the Eclipse energy along with Sun, Moon and Mercury in Biquintile to Pluto Rx). This is going to be a very interesting line-up that will carry through the next 6-month Eclipse cycle. Pay close attention to this month! Look to the House that Gemini occupies in your Natal Chart, both by Sun Sign and Rising Sign. THAT is where the energy will be playing out!

At 11:03am on Friday the Sun at 0:47 Gemini Squares Jupiter at 0:47 Pisces.

The Sun’s first aspect is a Square, but to Jupiter, it isn’t Karmic. Jupiter reconciles the polarity of Gemini/Mercury. So we may talk too much or be very optimistic and this can be more than required. But Jupiter is in Pisces and bringing in Neptune-type energies. The Sun shines the light onto Neptune’s fog. And Jupiter brings divine protection from the escapist tendencies of Neptune/Pisces, OR too much escapism. Look for the divine protection, legal protection and a benevolent reality.

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