Into the Emotional Reset of the Lunar Eclipse – May 24-26

At 7:15am (Monday, May 24, EST) Venus at 18:53 Gemini Semi-Sextiles Mars at 18:53 Cancer.

A minor, but helpful aspect between expressions of love and our motivation to nurture. We are chatting up siblings and cousins while also getting stuff done around the home. Our desires and motivations are harmonious this morning.

Tuesday, May 25, EST

At 12:26am Mercury at 23:50 Gemini Quintiles Chiron at 11:50 Aries.

This 5D/Magical aspect between our thoughts, words and ideas is offering effortless assistance in healing insecurities or lack of motivation. We can assert communication with ease and the results can be miraculous/magical. Mercury will make this same aspect to Chiron 2 more times: Jun 2 (while Retrograde) and Jul 7. This means we have 2 more opportunities to enjoy this effortless energy.

At 9:07am the Sun at 4:33 Gemini Semi-Squares Mars at 19:33 Cancer.

Here we are seeing clearly something that irritates our motivation to communicate or nurture. Perhaps you are being a bit too aggressive around home and family and it is creating some drama. You can see how driven you have been and make plans to scale back to be productive without the drag of drama or upsetting someone else.

At 5:23pm Venus at 20:38 Gemini Biquintiles Pluto Rx at 26:38 Capricorn.

Mercury just made this aspect to Pluto from 20:42 Gemini. Where we had thoughts and words there, now we have some desires expressed and intimate merging is on the table. Money and financial deals can be easily achieved. Someone could offer to finance your creative project or your blog where you express your values. Touch is easy and magical.

At 7:06pm the Sun at 4:57 Gemini Quintiles Neptune at 22:57 Pisces.

Sun is in Mercury’s Sign, which is a ‘separation consciousness’ energy. But this 5D aspect to Neptune really elevates the clarity we can achieve today. We can express what Neptune has been keeping hidden and we can get in touch with many things that ourselves or others have been repressing. The clarity here will be very beneficial in helping us navigate the Lunar Eclipse’s ’emotional reset.’

Wednesday, May 26

At 7:14am the Moon at 5:25 Sagittarius Opposes the Sun at 5:25 Gemini creating the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

Lunar Eclipses are quite the events. A normal Full Moon is an ’emotional peak’ each month. But a Lunar Eclipse ramps up that energy to the tenth degree. The purpose is to get VERY CLEAR (Sun) on HOW WE FEEL (Moon) about the area of our lives where we have 5+ Sagittarius/Gemini. All Eclipses across the Axis of Gemini/Sagittarius have to do with education, K-12/college and beyond; local vs global issues; neighborhood vs foreign places, travel, spiritual matters, optimism and feelings about the future, cars and planes and all forms of transportation and legal issues.

You could see that you need a vacation and make plans to take one very soon. Or you may decide to travel to a relatives graduation from college, or you could enroll in summer school or college in the fall. You could see how you feel about a long-distance relationship. Or if you are in the middle of a divorce, but just can’t get over your Ex, this could be the time when you can finally feel released emotionally from that attachment.

Watch the exact time of the Eclipse and see who, what, where gets ‘Eclipsed’ from your FEELINGS. It can be a brand new start. Something is shutting down now, or ending in order to make room for something new at the Solar Eclipse. If the Eclipse lands in your 6th House of work, you could give your 2-weeks notice and start a new job very soon after the Solar Eclipse. You may already know about the new job and finally decide at the Lunar Eclipse that you DO want to take it even if it means moving across town, country or overseas.

Physical aspects of this Lunar Eclipse include a ‘Super Moon’ because the Moon is at its closest point (Perigee) to the Earth and appears much larger. It is also a Total Lunar Eclipse and turns ‘red’ so its considered a ‘Blood Moon’. The red color is created in the same way the Sun turns red at a sunrise or sunset.

With the Moon being closer, our intuition is likely to be more prominent and strongly focused. The FEELING of the Ecilpse is FAR MORE important than the SEEING it, but it is a beautiful thing to see for sure.

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