Desires, Motivation & Clarity – May 30/31

With so many new followers I think it is helpful to point out the purpose of these ‘Daily’ aspects. In these posts I write about the aspects being made between a Transiting Planet to another Transiting Planet. These aspect affect each of us in a similar way, but also in unique ways for each of us as well (depending on our Natal Chart). When you can identify these aspects occurring, you are beginning to FEEL the Planetary energies which is essential to 5D consciousness. Following your Personal Transit Report at the same time, helps you to distinguish the difference between a Transiting Planet and your Natal Planet placements. Regular Phone Readings for the next next 3-6 months, plus these Posts and your Personal Transit Report, will have you reading your own Chart for yourself.

Sunday, May 30, EST

At 1:47pm Venus at 26:34 Gemini Quincunx Pluto Rx at 26:34 Capricorn.

An adjustment is required around your resources and those you share with others. Or someone who controls the purse strings wants you to limit your spending plans. Or you adjust how good you look when a father-type or intimate partner gives you that look. Or you don’t express your true beliefs because of this same person. You get the idea. We have all been here before! Just adjust. No ease is guaranteed. The only thing that is guaranteed is that you are likely to hold your tongue (Gemini) with this person within earshot. Discretion is the better part of valor.

Monday, May 31

At 1:15am Mars at 23:01 Cancer Trines Neptune at 23:01 Pisces.

This is an easy-going aspect regarding our motivation with family, showing our love via our actions and initiating some emotion in the way we assert ourselves. Some level of ‘drama’ is actually helpful here as it will be about the right amount of ease within the family.

At 6:07am Venus at 27:24 Gemini Semi-Squares Uranus at 12:24 Taurus.

A minor irritation here as some new desire pops into our head or we express some strange new attraction to something. Or maybe you lean over and touch someone who isn’t that fond of touch and you realize it irritated them. Or you realize someone unexpected is attracted to you. Maybe a classmate that suddenly tells you they have always found you attractive and the rest of the conversation feels awkward. There is inspiration to communicate our desires, but the results are not what we thought they would be. Or maybe someone suggests you to give some money or something possession with someone and you aren’t sure it is the right thing to do.

At 8:12pm the Sun at 10:45 Gemini Conjuncts the North Node at 10:45 Gemini.

The North Node has been Transiting through Gemini for the last year bringing us Soulful lessons around Gemini energy. As the Sun Conjuncts the North Node today, we can get very clear on these ‘lessons’ and ways to express Gemini energy from our Soul’s perspective. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and rules our conscious mind, the ‘seen’ realm/world, Karma, duality, double-mindedness and 3D energies. Areas of our lives that Gemini rules is siblings, cousins, K-12 learning and classmates, local community, neighbors/neighborhood, local transportation, cars/vehicles, driving around town, errands, etc. There is something special that you need to see today and the Sun will bring you that clarity on ‘how to love thy neighbor as thyself.”

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