Busy, Energetic Day – Jun 2

Wednesday, Jun 2, EST

At 3:13am Mercury Rx at 24:18 Gemini Semi-Sextiles Mars at 24:18 Cancer.

A minor aspect that we will had willpower to our words. Our actions could speak louder than our words with this energy. We will certainly want to initiate some conversation. Even words that express strong emotions.

At 3:24am the Moon at 11:59 Pisces Squares the Sun at 11:59 Gemini creating the Last Quarter Moon.

This is the Quarter Moon between the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of May 26 at 5:25 Sagittarius and the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 19:47 Gemini on Jun 10. The Moon in Pisces is giving us access to deep, hidden feelings. We may be picking up someone else’s feelings and merging with them intuitively. The Sun in Gemini is clarifying our conscious mind and bringing our ideas into reality. We are expressing our goals and purpose. As the Moon Square the Sun, we can some glimpse of a challenge between these 2 ideas of merging intuition and expressing our goals.

At 7:23am the Sun at 12:09 Gemini Sextiles Chiron at 12:09 Aries.

Here the Sun begins to straddle an aspect to both Chiron and Uranus by evening time. There is some clarifying Soul Awareness at play today. In the morning, move into gratitude when you see how our wounding involving insecurity and lack of motivation has allowed us this human experience. Can we formulate some words that clarify this wound for each of us right now? If you and your siblings have been at odds around whether to wear a mask or not, whether to act on your ideas or not, or whether you have been butt-hurt by someone’s words, then this aspect might allow you to even accept this as something your Soul needed to move through.

At 11:18am Mars at 24:30 Cancer Quintiles Uranus at 12:30 Taurus.

Inspired, effortless and magical motivation to nurture or act on behalf of family, home and land. You may suddenly have some resources available that allow you to do something miraculous. You could change and/or beautify your home as a gift to your mom or another woman you love.

At 4:18pm Mercury Rx at 24:10 Gemini Quintiles Chiron at 12:10 Aries.

Mercury’s 1st Quintile to Chiron was on May 25. There could be some review of things discussed at that time that improves upon your plans and ideas. If you were wearing a mask on that day, you may find that you are now ready to bare your face and breathe in deeply. If your words need to be revised, you will know exactly what to say to create the results you are looking for.

At 4:43pm the Sun at 12:31 Gemini Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 12:31 Taurus.

Now the Sun gets the easier side of the Soul Awareness with some sudden revelation, inspiration or ingenuity. We can get in touch with our values and grasp some new reality that surprises ourselves or others. We are inspired to write down some ideas that we KNOW we want to create.

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