Hard Words, Aggressive Confrontation – Jun 5

Saturday, Jun 5, EST

At 3:05pm Mercury Rx at 23:05 Gemini Squares Neptune at 23:05 Pisces.

Our conscious mind is in review at the moment. Mercury has already Squared Neptune on May 22nd. We are now reviewing things that we saw, spoke or read at that time. However, Mercury and Neptune are both VERY NEAR the Solar Eclipse degree of Dec 14 at 23:08 Sagittarius. When Neptune Squares something, he can create great confusion. Mercury may express it, but it won’t be the easiest of things to hear or say. Neptune is also Opposing the US Natal Neptune in Virgo and so there is a sort of Grand Mutable Cross in the US’s chart right now. Neptune is Squaring DJT’s Natal Sun as well. The energetic reason for us not seeing too much of his at present. He is due to speak in NC today, though, and that is likely this aspect allowing us to SEE him.

At 3:45pm Mars at 26:28 Cancer Opposes Pluto at 26:28 Capricorn.

This can be some tricky energy to navigate, especially in 3D. We may be acting in an aggressively dramatic way today, but someone in authority is not real happy about it. They may attempt to stop you in your tracks. Pluto in Capricorn can be under-handedness, power plays, money manipulation, etc. Hard Mars and Pluto aspects create confrontation and can be the start of ‘wars’ at varying levels of our reality. Given that Pluto is in Capricorn, which is the most Public Sign of the Zodiac, there could be an action taken or blocked that many will see. Especially Scorpio and Taurus Suns and Rising Signs because Capricorn and Cancer are their 3rd Houses of the SEEN world. The Opposition isn’t as hard as a Square, however, so there is a chance to see how your ‘opponent’ is reacting and that will show you something about your own actions as well.

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