Solar Eclipse Biquintiles Pluto Rx & the Inferior Conjunction – Jun 10

Wow! What a day, but the line-up of Planets is Stellar for this Solar Eclipse!

At 6:52am the Moon at 19:47 Gemini Conjuncts the Sun at 19:47 Gemini creating the New Moon Solar Eclipse.

This is an Annular Eclipse (meaning not Total) but the effects of it will linger for close to 5 years given the time of the prenumbral phase. The part of the world feeling the strongest effects are Greenland, Iceland, Scandinavia and the North Pole. This Eclipse hits the Axis of Gemini/Sagittarius. It is the annual New Moon in Gemini, but is amplified as it is an Eclipse as seen Astrologically by the numerical measurements of the North Node. Where the Nodes are Transiting shows where the Eclipses are occurring.

This is the 2nd Solar Eclipse of 3 across this axis: 1) Dec 14, 2020 at 23:07 Sag; 2) This Eclipse at 19:47 Gemini; and 3) Dec 3, 2021 at 12:17 Sagittarius.

Solar Eclipses across this Axis bring Rapid Change (Eclipses) and a Fresh Start (New Moon/Solar Eclipse). We have been in the Eclipse Wormhole of Rapid Change since the New Moon in Taurus on May 11. Then we have the Lunar Eclipse on May 26 which shuts something down in order to make room for the ‘Fresh Start’ of the New Moon amplified as an Eclipse.

Eclipse along this Axis affect:

  • travel, both local and long distance; you may be taking a trip or vacay
  • education, both early childhood and higher learning, spiritual applications, you may go on a quest for knowledge
  • neighborhood and community vs global citizenship
  • communication-style or broadcasting platforms
  • Siblings/neighbors/classmates vs spiritual teachers/mentors/grandparents

The Sun rules your goals and purpose and the Moon your feelings and intuition. So you will be starting out with some new purpose and your feelings will be in support of this path. The effects of the Eclipse usually have a fairly immediate feel of some part of things, but can take the rest of the Eclipse cycle (between now and the next Solar Eclipse) to play out entirely.

You likely already KNOW some of what this Eclipse is bringing your way. But Thursday will be very clarifying to set you on your new path.

The Chart of the Eclipse is in play for the full Eclipse cycle, so looking at the angles the Transiting Planets make to the Eclipse can show us a lot about the energies we will be working with.

  • Mercury Rx is Conjunct the Sun and Moon and Biquintiles Pluto is a 3-way aspect TODAY! – This will also our to make clear goals and plans for this Eclipse cycle. We can express our ‘Fresh Start’ and making our ‘Rapid’ plans more easily.
  • Jupiter is Tridecile the Sun and Moon – a Tridecile is a quasi 5D aspect that brings mental growth. Very helpful aspect in this Eclipse of Gemini which rules our conscious mind and seen world. Jupiter is in Pisces bringing in another Higher-Mind energy where we can embrace our connection to Spirit and all of us as a whole.
  • Jupiter is in orb of a Quintile to Uranus – These 2 are bringing about some expanded awareness (quickening and awakening) around our own resources, optimism and a desire to level the playing field financially.
  • Saturn Rx is in orb of a Square to Uranus – This is ‘hard’ (Square) change (Uranus) to our status quo (Saturn) They will exact their 2nd Square on Jun 14. CHANGE IS COMING here too!
  • Pluto Rx Biquintiles Sun and Moon – This is a double-magic aspect around announcing or seen (Gemini) shared resources from governments, banks or corporations. We will enjoy effortless communication with those in authority or those who control the purse strings. We could have others of investment or financial backing with no string attached (Biquintile is 5D).
  • Psyche (our Soul Mind) in Cancer Biquintiles the South Node – Effortless 5D energy in ‘letting go’ of some spiritual ideals for simple nurturing of home, mom, family and land.

At 8:24pm Mercury Rx at 20:23 Gemini Biquintiles Pluto Rx At 26:23 Capricorn.

This is Part 1 of a 3-way with Sun, Mercury and Pluto. The Moon moves through it as well, but very quickly. Mercury is in his own Sign of Gemini, but Retrograde and reviewing things from his 1st Biquintile to Pluto on My 19 just 15 minutes from that exact aspect. So things we heard, saw, wrote, spoke or planned at that time is now under review. He will make one more Biquintile to Pluto Rx on Jul 2. Contracts for debts, loans, inheritance, investment is all a possibility. The terms will be favorable and things will go very smoothly. You will have just the right words to seal the deal.

At 9:13pm the Sun at 20:21 Gemini Conjuncts Mercury Rx at 20:21 in their Inferior Conjunction.

The Inferior Conjunction is Part 2 of the 3-way today and is the start of a fresh 165 day-cycle between the Sun (reality, real-time, clarity, goals and purpose) and our conscious, mental mind and seen world (Mercury). To have this Inferior Conjunction IN the Eclipse chart adds emphasis to the goals we will be setting and revising of our plans to fit these new goals. All communication today is based on reality. Our thoughts are in sync with real-time. From here Mercury Rx behind the Sun and we have to go on faith and watch our goals become reality. Mercury will Station Direct on Jun 22 at 16:08 Gemini. He will cross the Eclipse degree by tomorrow noon and then again once he is Direct. Lots more to be said about this Eclipse.

At 9:40pm the Sun at 20:22 Gemini Biquintiles Pluto Rx at 26:22 Capricorn.

Here we will be getting very clear about how shared resources are going to play a role in our ‘Fresh Start’ and new goals and purpose. We can get clear about the terms we signed onto and see ways we can apply them. We are being transformed magically through this ‘sharing’ right now. Pluto’s 5D energy, which the Biquintile brings out, is TRANSPARENCY! Little wonder we have Election Integrity forefront in our country at this time. This storyline with continue through Dec, no doubt, but strongly through the next few months. Pluto in 5D demands honesty and transparency… which IS integrity.

Friday, Jun 11

At 5:07am Venus at 10:46 Cancer Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 10:46 Gemini.

A minor aspect that can only be helpful in bringing love, beauty and touch to all things local and family.

At 9:34am Mars Ingresses Leo.

This a pretty strong shift of energy from staying home and initiating projects around the home to going out in pursuit of fun, romance, children, creativity, entertainment and more fun. Mars in Leo is on the hunt for some casual sex as well so don’t expect flowers and candlelit dinners here, Mars is moving too fast for that. Leo is Fixed Fire and Mars is Cardinal (initiating) Fire. Fire burns pretty quickly, but it WILL be fun! We are in for 6 weeks of pursuing fun pleasures. Mars will Ingress Virgo on Jul 30 so from now until then, watch out!

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