Old Structures Disrupted by New Innovations – Saturn Square Uranus

Monday, Jun 14, EST

At 6:01pm Saturn Rx at 13:07 Aquarius Squares Uranus at 13:07 Taurus.

Saturn is Transiting through the Sign Uranus rules so there is plenty of shake-up energy here. Uranus/Aquarius rules awareness/quickening, change, shock and awe, bizarre and shocking ideas, groups of people, uniqueness, freedom and Fixed Ideas that are universal and shareable. Uranus/Aquarius also rules philanthropy, charity, currency, electricity, multi-dimensional and intergalactic realms, inventiveness/ingenuity and just plain weird things. Saturn tends to restrict or hold us accountable. But Saturn is also initiating earth energy. Saturn likes to build foundations in our public realms. Things like careers, governments, corporations, public authority, politicians and fathers are all in Saturn’s domain. Uranus in Taurus is bringing change to our values, beauty, personal finances, earned income, women and all of our Fixed Earth areas of life (depending which House you have this Transit in your Natal Chart). Saturn and Taurus are earthy energies. Uranus/Aquarius is Fixed Air/ideas energy. When they clash in a Square, we can expect to be challenged by the changes they are making to our status quo. This is their 2nd Square of 3: Feb 17, Today and Dec 24 (their 3rd Square will occur on the SAME DAY that Jupiter makes his 3rd Quintile (magical/5D/effortless) to Uranus.

The combinations in this Square are endless, but some likely scenarios (given the 1st Square and the fact we are experiencing a lot of Age of Aquarius energies this year) include: changes to electrical currents, Space Force as a new authority on the scene, UFOs no longer hidden by the government. Changes to our currency that levels it more equal and fair (another Uranian-style action). What this Square is doing in your life depends on the Houses involved in your Chart. But look for some old, reliable, though out-dated, structures to be replaced with new innovative and inspiring inventions.

At 8:39pm Mars at 2:08 Leo Quincunx Jupiter at 2:08 Pisces.

Mars is off in pursuit of fun and entertainment. Jupiter is bringing us some benevolent optimism that is deep down within us. There is some adjustment here. Of course Mars is putting himself first and even claiming the starring role. But Jupiter in Pisces is very inclusive and we can feel connected to everything. So you can see the need to adjust our own motivations to better fit the big picture of our interconnectedness.

Tuesday, Jun 15, AM

At 6:13am the Sun at 24:32 Gemini Quintiles Chiron at 12:32 Aries.

Effortless clarity and communication or we are able to see how to assert ourselves to implement our new goals and purpose. We can easily be grateful the insecurity and lack of motivation that Chiron has been challenging us with as we are elevated into Soul Awareness with the Quintile energy. Gratitude is the key. But express it or act on it today.

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