Jupiter Retrogrades & the Summer Solstice – Jun 18-20

Friday, Jun 18, EST

At 8:12pm the Sun at 27:57 Gemini Ses-Squared Saturn Rx at 12:27 Aquarius.

This is an adjustment that creates an ease between your local community goals and purpose (those of the Solar Eclipse too) and your responsibility and restriction around socializing, group activities, awareness, charity and social media. Can your recall this aspect? The Sun was moving through the Saturn Square to Uranus that is now separating so we should get some clarity around what that aspect is doing that relates to our local community goals, communication, etc.

Saturday, Jun 19

At 5:14am the Sun at 28:19 Gemini Semi-Squares Uranus at 13:19 Taurus.

Here we had some unexpected clarity around the state of our local resources, beauty, values. There could be some inspiration to level the playing field of our own resources with siblings and neighbors.

Sunday, Jun 20, AM

At 11:05am Jupiter at 2:11 Pisces Stations Retrograde.

Jupiter in Pisces can make all those deep and hidden subconscious things feel elevated like we have an angel on our shoulders for the time being. As Jupiter Retrogrades we may feel a shift to reviewing some of what has been hidden and finding a new spiritual philosophy that allows us to deal with them better. Jupiter will Ingress Aquarius again on his Retrograde cycle on Jul 29, but this will occur AFTER his 2nd Quintile to Uranus in Taurus on Jul 3 (something wonderful to occur at that time?). This aspect IS the ‘GREAT AWAKENING.’ With Jupiter in Pisces, we have a magical aspect involving all 3 Higher-Mind Planetary energies. The 3rd Jupiter/Uranus Quintile occurs on Dec 24, the VERY SAME DAY as the 3rd Saturn Square to Uranus!

At 11:32pm the Sun Ingresses Cancer creating the Summer Solstice.

The Sun is REAL TIME and reality. It ‘initiates’ a new season every time it enters a Cardinal (initiating energy) Sign like Aries (Spring), Cancer (Summer), Libra (Fall), and Capricorn (Winter). The Chart at the time the Sun Ingresses Cancer is with us for the 90-day season. So EST we have the Ascendant in Aquarius Opposite Mars. Aquarius is the 8th House from Cancer so we are transforming through awareness. Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are Rx. The Sun is Trine Jupiter Rx in Pisces so this is a beneficial seasonal change.

With the Sun now in Cancer we are will seeing our family including mom, her home or ours and dealing with matters around the land and hometown. Family reunions and the US Solar Return on Jul 4 (or very close).

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