Luckiest Day & Venus Highlighted – Jun 23/24

Wednesday, Jun 23, EST

At 6:11am the Sun at 2:11 Cancer Trines Jupiter Rx at 2:11 Pisces.

Usually referred to as the ‘Luckiest Day of the Year’… well, 3 times/days each year. With Jupiter in Pisces, we are feeling deep spiritual support. The Sun in Cancer is security-conscious and our purpose right now is around mom, home, family and land. So this Trine is creating a deep contentment around Cancer energies and feelings. We are optimistic and seeing things clearly in regards to family.

At 7:24am Venus at 25:30 Cancer Quintiles Uranus at 13:30 Taurus.

Venus makes the next 4 aspects so our desires for nurturing, mothering and home are highlighted today. We are receiving effortless inspiration for beauty, touch, earned income and love. If we want to make some changes, it will just so easily even if unexpected. Look for some philanthropy or charity where you offer your resources to show your love to someone.

At 11:25am Venus at 25:42 Cancer Semi-Squares the North Node at 10:42 Gemini.

Something to do with siblings, community or communications is rubbing us a bit wrong, though the above aspect is likely helping out. Try to express your love, but if it doesn’t strike the right chord, just know that you tried.

At 7:39pm Venus at 26:07 Cancer Opposes Pluto Rx at 26:07 Capricorn.

Well this can be a contrast between our own resources and the need to use someone else’s resources. Or you may find you have an offer for intimacy that you are considering. Moms and Dads could be a bit at odds, but likely they just need some intimacy to work things out.

At 8:38pm Venus at 26:10 Cancer Biquintiles Jupiter Rx at 2:10 Pisces.

This aspect will certainly help everyone feel more like merging finances and physical bodies. You feel very much at peace with everything right now. Some magical optimism is on tap so make the most of it to show your family how much you love them.

Thurs, Jun 24, AM

At 12:28am Saturn Rx at 12:44 Aquarius Sextiles Chiron at 12:44 Aries.

A productive aspect between limited socializing and our insecurity. You are ok to stay home because of your lack of motivation. You may just find social media to be just the therapy for all that ails you today.

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