Full Moon in Capricorn & Neptune Retrogrades – Jun 24/25

At 2:40pm the Moon at 3:28 Capricorn Opposes the Sun at 3:28 Cancer.

Full Moons are ’emotional peaks’ and across the Capricorn/Cancer axis, drama can play a role. A contrast between home and career can show us where we are not happy with the balance we are striking right now. We may see how we feel about things related to mom and dad or family matters in general. This Full Moon is also the END of the Eclipse Wormhole so now things will slow down again as we work on implementing the Fresh Start of the Solar Eclipse.

At 4:21pm Mars at 8:12 Leo Ses-Squares Neptune at 23:12 Pisces.

The Ses-Square is an adjustment that brings an ease. Mars is motivated for fun, with or without children, romance or casual sex, or creativity. This Ses-Squares means we may be hesitant to pursue some fun, but will make some adjustment to get that ease to act.

Friday, Jun 25

At 3:21pm Neptune Stations Retrograde at 23:12 Pisces.

This is a ‘sea-change’ kind of feeling. With Neptune you can’t really ‘watch’ for it, but if you hang loose, you just might sense it. Now Neptune will return to 20:24 Pisces, a degree he first reached on Mar 5, before Stationing Direct on Dec 1. When Neptune is Retrograde, some things that we didn’t see during his first pass may be revealed. We may be disillusioned with something that we were dreaming about. Or you may be vindicated as the veil blocking others’ ability to see things correctly is dropped.

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