Venus Enters Leo & Magical Clarity

Sunday, Jun 27, EST

At 12:27am Venus Ingresses Leo.

A month of ‘girls just wanna have fun’ in the sun and all kinds of entertainment venues. It is also a summer romance we desire. Or we meet some female entertainers. We are feeling creative and desiring to be in the spotlight. We can earn money entertaining people or showing off our creative side. From Leo, Venus will Oppose Saturn, Trine Chiron, Square Uranus, Biquintile Neptune, Conjunct Mars and Quintile the North Node. On Jul 21, she will Ingress Virgo and we will be the busybody looking for buckle-down to the daily grind.

At 8:07pm the Sun at 6:32 Cancer Biquintiles Saturn Rx at 12:32 Aquarius.

Effortless clarity to set goals and to see some career changes or new steps that we might want to take. You are likely to be able to better balance home, career, social circles with the clarity you feel today. The Moon rules Cancer so your inner feelings and outer goals are in sync with your social circles and awareness of responsibility.

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