Soul Awareness & 3D Confusion – Jul 4-6

Sunday, Jul 4, EST

At 11:39am the Sun at 12:53 Cancer Squared Chiron at 12:53 Aries.

This was Part 1 of the Sun moving through some Soul Awareness energy, in that order. If you were with family and it felt Soulful, you had clarity here. The Sun in Cancer is the time for family reunions. Chiron in Aries has us all a bit insecure or unmotivated to act. But if you made the point to BE with family in some way, you had some gratitude for things at the same time.

Monday, Jul 5

At 3:14pm the Sun at 13:59 Cancer Sextiles Uranus at 13:59 Taurus.

Chiron is just a hair out of his tight <1 degree orb to Uranus. But we can still feel their Semi-Sextile as the Sun aspects them both. This part of the Soul Awareness is the awareness half. Uranus comes through in flashes of inspiration and ingenuity. He is the quickener and can shift the world around you into a whole new light. It has been moving that way, but this aspect allows you to better SEE it. You are CHANGED by what you SEE today. Something having to do with family and resources/value/s, etc.

At 3:46pm Venus at 10:28 Leo Sextiles the North Node at 10:28 Gemini.

Venus in Leo is ‘girls just want to have fun’ but the North Node in Gemini says ‘Keep it Soulful.’ There is something that you want to ‘manifest’ in the physical realm, but have you actually aligned your values to understand what it is that you ‘desire?’ Will you be able to SEE your desires here? Gemini is the ‘seen’ world for all of us. Its our local community and neighborhood. Venus is what we value. Leo rules children. Are you valuing EVERYONE’S children as you do your own? Are you loving (Venus) your neighbor (Gemini) as yourself (Leo)? The North Node will elevate your values to include more than just your own entertainment. You need to radiate decency that all can embrace.

Tuesday, Jul 6, AM

At 3:39am Mercury at 23:10 Gemini Squares Neptune Rx at 23:10 Pisces.

Neptune Stationed Retrograde on Jun 25 at 23:12 Pisces. This is within 4 minutes of a Square to the Dec 14, 2020 Solar Eclipse at 23:08 Sagittarius. While we had the promise of a ‘Fresh Start’ from that Eclipse, Neptune’s Square to the degree has kept much of it hidden from view and will continue to do so for another year or so. This is challenging many 3D or hopeful 4D types. They want to SEE the results of what they are feeling optimistic (Sagittarius Eclipse) about, but Neptune is saying that its just NOT time yet. We can get some confirmations about what is occurring behind the scenes during aspects of the Personal Planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) like this aspect today. Mercury Opposed that Eclipse degree just about an hour ahead of his Square to Neptune. Mercury is our ‘lens’ to the physical world. The Square with Neptune can add more confusion or offer a glimpse of what Neptune is dissolving by way of dreams, messages, visions and the like. The Square, though, can make it harder to detect so use your Higher-Minded energies to move through it and glean some information to keep your optimism alive. You can’t SEARCH for the changes because they will allude you in the physical reality. It is a KNOWING that comes from within that you must rely on. There are many wonderful energies this year moving us into 5D. This is not one of those energies so discern what is useful or not useful. 5D comes from within… like Uranus is the Awakener. He quickens you when the time is right. When Mercury Squares Neptune, the news is not reliable. You must follow your own subconscious understanding. Being able to FEEL all the Planetary energies is your path forward. I can help you with that so email me at

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