Not so fast, young lady! – Jul 6/7

Tuesday, Jul 6, PM, EST

At 10:36pm Venus at 12:01 Leo Opposes Saturn Rx at 12:01 Aquarius.

Venus has been out creating some love, romance, and fun. But now its just like Dad steps in to put a stop to her carousing around. He wants her to be more socially responsible and less about chasing her own fun. AND what about all that money she is spending on fun? Seems a bit too much, right? Yes, that’s how Saturn sees it. Though there can be a good side to Saturn… he sets useful boundaries and helps us to remember our social status and reputation as well. We need to plan for our next career move and not just spend all of our days in the sun!

At 11:00pm Mars at 15:49 Leo Quadranoviles Pluto Rx at 25:49 Capricorn.

This is an aspect that offers unexpected possibilities. Mars in Leo has us motivated for fun and romance. Pluto’s highest vibration in Capricorn is to almost force us to take back our personal sovereignty as we see the shadow-side of government (aka corruption). Mars and Pluto can create intense aggression, passion or confrontation. But the Quadranovile will present another option we weren’t looking for. Its interesting. See if you identify it. Pluto is sex and Mars is passion in the Sign of Leo which rules romance. Could be more along those lines too.

Wednesday, Jul 7

At 4:09pm Venus at 12:54 Leo Trines Chiron at 12:54 Aries.

Venus is a Healing Planet anyway, so this Trine to Chiron is very sign. You may offer some healing touch to someone who is insecure. Or maybe you draw a child off the bench and into the game of life or just baseball. Leo rules sporting events or theater too. You could help someone overcome some wounding pain they are feeling.

At 5:40pm Mercury at 24:54 Gemini Quintiles Chiron at 12:54 Aries.

If words can heal, this could just be the aspect for that. Where Venus uses beauty to soothe, Mercury uses communication. Maybe someone hasn’t reached out to you and it has been painful to not be able to start up a conversation. Today you can do so. Or someone else will as well. You can make plans in your community that you have not been motivated to do recently. This is ‘effortless/magical’ energy. So use it! Before noon tomorrow, though, Mercury will have to adjust what is said to appease someone in authority or an intimate partner.

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