Mars Biquintile Neptune & the New Moon at 18:02 Cancer – Jul 8/9

Thursday, Jul 8, EST

At 11:06am the Sun at 16:40 Cancer Ses-Squared Jupiter Rx at 1:40 Pisces.

Adjusted clarity or philosophy in order to create an ease. Sun in Cancer is in the home and with family. Jupiter is far-away and hidden, but felt. How can you make these 2 energies work together? Jupiter has some optimism to help us feel connected even if we are not in the same space.

At 11:36am Mercury at 25:47 Gemini Quincunx Pluto Rx at 25:47 Capricorn.

Mercury made 3 Biquintiles to Pluto during his Retrograde cycle. Now he must adjust his words and plans to some authority type or financial backer. Make a mental note to adjust yourself in a way that is expected.

At 3:25pm Venus at 14:05 Leo Squared Uranus at 14:05 Taurus.

Revelatory desires. Unexpected desires and unexpected resources or expenses. There was double-Venus energy as Uranus is in Venus’ Sign of Taurus. Our desires may surprise someone or even ourselves and it could be a big awkward when we realize it.

At 4:29pm the Sun at 16:53 Cancer Semi-Sextiles Mars at 16:53 Leo.

A minor aspect that allows some clarity of action, willpower and motivation. Yes, you are looking after the kiddos and that makes sense right now.

Friday, Jul 9

At 2:48am Mars at 17:09 Leo Biquintiles Neptune Rx at 23:09 Pisces.

This may play out in an action-packed dream, but it will feel good to assert yourself without hesitation and to achieve some magical result. Mars in Leo is passionate romantic pursuit. With the effortless Biquintile to our subconscious mind, its an easy objective to accomplish. Our dreams are realized if we simply get up off the couch and pursue them.

At 8:40am Mercury at 26:52 Gemini Ses-Squares Saturn Rx at 11:52 Aquarius.

Here we need to restrict our communication and plans in order to create an ease in our social circles. Mercury and Gemini can be too chatty at times anyway. Saturn is suggesting that you limit this in order to better mingle with others.

At 9:16pm the Moon at 18:02 Cancer Conjuncts the Sun at 18:02 Cancer creating the annual New Moon in Cancer.

The New Moon is always a ‘Fresh Start’ energy in that Sign for the year. Sometimes when we are sensing we want to get underway with someone, we need to remember that the New Moons signal its the right now. So if you didn’t really plan a full family reunion, you might just do so over the next 4 weeks. Or if you wanted to go see mom or buy some land or property, this begins the window in that area of life for all of us. Sure, you likely have other 4th House areas of your life where you have been working on these things, but now is the time when we ALL will be making more family connections or staying closer to home. We have already have the Full Moon across this axis on Jun 24 at 3:28 Capricorn (Sun at 3:28 Cancer), but now we are started some new cycle in this same area of life. As the Moon is already in Cancer, you are likely starting to sense what is getting ready for ‘kick-off’ at the New Moon.

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