Venus Biquintiled Neptune & Mercury Into Cancer – Jul 10/11

Sunday, Jul 10, EST – These aspects for Sunday have already occurred, but maybe you can identify the energies and outcomes.

At 2:06am Mercury at 29:09 Gemini Semi-Squared Uranus at 14:09 Taurus.

Some unexpected communication about our desires or resources. The shock of it may have been irritating. Or you may have felt inspired, but when you shared your ideas, someone else wasn’t so crazy about them.

At 4:13am Venus at 17:08 Leo Biquintiled Neptune Rx at 23:08 Pisces.

This is a wonderful, effortless and magical ease between our desires for fun and romance and a deep-seated sense of contentment. Or money may been available to all that you wanted to do today. Neptune is exactly Square to the Dec 14 Solar Eclipse so there could be something come up that deals with that ‘fresh start’ in our lives around philosophy, big picture thinking, higher consciousness, broadcasting, foreign travel, etc.

At 4:35pm Mercury Ingressed Cancer.

Mercury finally leaves his own Sign of Gemini where he moved through his Retrograde cycle. Rather than being as chatty as usual, now it will keep his words a little closer to his chest. Cancer is security-conscious and doesn’t talk too much unless the words are laden with emotion. So for roughly the next month we will be thinking and planning things dealing with mom, home, family, land and nurturing.

Monday, Jul 12

At 3:45pm Mercury at 1:24 Cancer Trines Jupiter Rx at 1:24 Pisces.

This is a very nice feeling for Mercury’s start of his Transit through Cancer. Jupiter in Pisces is like an angel on our shoulder that is hidden, but protective. So we could have some great family chats that turn spiritual or philosophical. Communication with our grandparents is another possibility. Maybe you will find yourself discussing your ancestors today. Enjoy the conversation.

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