Magical Financial Restructuring & Goals – Jun 17/18

Saturday, Jul 17, EST, PM – There are and have been a lot of minor aspects over the last few days and that continues through the weekend. While I write about each aspect, the bigger picture stuff can seem a bit lost in the mix. I hope to post about the differences between the Age of Pisces and Age of Aquarius over the next few days. That will clear up a lot of the mixed energies we are moving through and help us to make sense of the ‘new normal’.

At 5:40pm Mercury at 9:46 Cancer Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 9:45 Gemini.

A minor aspect around nurturing words, family plans and dealings with siblings, classmates and local community.

At 6:46pm the Sun at 25:34 Cancer Opposes Pluto Rx at 25:34 Capricorn.

This is a clarifying contrast between our family purpose and the misuse of public authorities. However, Pluto made a Biquintile to the Jun 10 Solar Eclipse so this aspect is likely to show us some of the good outcomes we can expect in this Eclipse cycle around shared resources from governmental structures. Have you heard of NESARA/GESARA? You may get to see some things associated with that today. Or at least enjoy seeing some things in a new light. In the Age of Aquarius, Cancer is the 6th House of work from the Sign of Aquarius. Working from home is part of the ‘new normal’ that isn’t going away. Service to family and the land is also part of that. Capricorn is in the hidden 12th House from Aquarius so the financial restructuring of the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction of Jan 12, 2020 is occurring behind the scenes. The Sun could provide us a glimpse of that today. The Sun is Decile (36 degree orb) the Solar Eclipse degree of 19:47 and this brings resourceful clarity in setting goals and seeing how to apply the magical aspect from Pluto to the Eclipse.

Sunday, Jul 18

At 3:48am Venus at 25:33 Leo Quincunx Pluto Rx at 25:33 Capricorn.

Girls having fun means children and romantic partners likely are too. But we need to adjust our fun and spending in response to someone who holds our shared purse strings. Or you may need to adjust how you approach an authority who wants to merge with you financially or physically.

At 4:30am Black Moon Lillith Ingresses Gemini.

If you have BML in Gemini or your 3rd House Natally and it is developed, you are a ‘Mentalist’. You can tell when someone is lying and can solve many problems having to do with communications, reading between the lines and discovering some truths. We all may have some opportunities to experience a bit of this as BML Transits Gemini over the next 8+ months. Relating in your local community could be accentuated.

At 4:40am Mercury at 10:36 Cancer Semi-Squares Venus at 25:36 Leo.

A bit of irritation from a family member about all the fun you are having or the amount of money you are spending. Its minor, but could be easy to identify.

At 1:13pm Mercury at 11:15 Cancer Quincunx Saturn Rx at 11:15 Aquarius.

Here a father-type authority may step in and mediate the situation. Your family member may have to adjust their words to you under the stern glare of this authority type. If Mercury complains that he is taking on too much of the family burden, he may be reminded to just quietly toe the line and certainly no complaining on social media.

At 2:21pm Mars at 23:03 Leo Quincunx Neptune Rx at 23:03 Pisces.

Men are having fun here too, but as Mars pursues his passion for fun and romance today, he is going to have some subconscious nudge suggesting that he adjust himself to a more harmonious path. Mars is concerned with self, but Neptune is where we are all connected so we need to adjust our personal aggression to take in the depth of Pisces.

At 3:06pm the Sun at 26:22 Cancer Quintiles Uranus at 14:22 Taurus.

At the Jun 10 Eclipse, Uranus was Decile the Sun, Moon and Mercury (resourcefulness, half a Quintile) and now the Sun completes the magical Quintile aspect with Uranus. Uranus was also Tridecile to Pluto so this aspect is like a 3-way today with Sun, Uranus and Pluto. Uranus and Pluto create ‘drastic change’. Uranus in Taurus is changing us and equalizing our assets to be more universal. Uranus also rules currency/ies. Pluto is transforming our governmental, banking and corporate structures. So the Sun rolling in aspect to both of these Planets is showing us the promise of their ‘drastic change’ in regards to family, home and land with magical energies involved throughout the Eclipse cycle which will culminate at the next Eclipses in Nov and Dec. Look for surprising revelations today. It will be clarifying, but we can suddenly see things that we hadn’t before.

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