Make that Ses-Square a Double – Jul 20, EST

At 3:05am Venus at 27:55 Leo Ses-Squares Chiron Rx at 12:55 Aries.

Venus is leading the pack of Personal Planets around the Zodiac Wheel. She will Ingress Virgo on Wednesday evening so we don’t have much more time for fun before she gets serious and down to business. This aspect isn’t too rough as Venus is a Healing Planet. But there is an adjustment in order to achieve an ease (Ses-Square). We like need to adjust our fun in order to help someone else who is feeling insecure. You can’t have all that romance if your partner is holding back from lack of motivation or insecurity. So reach out and touch them, be playful, but not too direct.

At 5:37am Mercury at 14:24 Cancer Sextiles Uranus at 14:24 Taurus.

The next 2 aspects have Mercury moving through the now separating Quintile between Jupiter and Uranus that has exacted twice already: May 5 and Jul 3. Mercury is making less magical aspect to them both, but our thoughts and ideas could reveal some of our conscious reality around their ‘Great Awakening’ energies. With the Sextile here, Mercury will have flashes of revelation and inspiration for family matters or using resources for some land or property improvements. Mercury is elevated out of his lower mind when he aspects Uranus and Jupiter so use this energy to see what you can make plans for.

At 10:10pm Mercury at 15:44 Cancer Ses-Squares Jupiter Rx at 0:44 Pisces.

Here we need to adjust ourselves to achieve the ease. Jupiter in Pisces has us feeling deeply optimistic and spiritual or we are massively avoiding depending on how it hits our charts. Mercury in Cancer is security conscious. So you need to adjust your lower mind to take in as much optimism as you can in order to create an ease in your communications with family members.

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