Venus Into Virgo & Sun Into Leo – Jul 21/22

Wednesday, Jul 21, EST

At 8:37pm Venus Ingresses Virgo.

As we move from fun to work we become more serious and we desire to serve others either through our touch, our love, or beauty or our resources. We will value busy-ness, daily activities and see it as a way to show our love.

Thursday, Jul 22

At 8:45am Venus at 0:36 Virgo Opposes Jupiter Rx at 0:36 Pisces.

Her first aspect from Virgo puts her at odds with the other Healing Planet, Venus. How do our physical values align with our deeply spiritual ideals? Are we including optimism into our daily grind? Are we content within and it is therefore expressed in our outer world?

At10:08am Mars at 25:27 Leo Quincunx Pluto Rx at 25:27 Capricorn.

Mars is still pursuing fun, romance and entertainment, but today he need to adjust himself to the stern glare of an authority-type or an intimate partner. Maybe his boss or partner expect him to curtail his fun as he should come across as more career-conscious and conservative if he wants to get ahead. Adjust our need for fun to your need to bring home the bacon. If you are not behaving as the responsible father, then you know you need to reign in your actions.

At 10:26am the Sun Ingresses Leo.

Well we have roughly 30 days to get clear about all matters of romance, fun, entertainment, children and creativity. We can enjoy being the center of attention during this time. The Sun rules Leo and the ‘ego.’ Our goals and purpose for the next month will be tied to fun and less emotional attachment.

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