From Age of Pisces to Age of Aquarius, Part 1

Roughly every 2000 years Earthlings enter into another Astrological Age. The approximately 26,000 year Mayan Calendar outlines the 12 Astrological Ages. We have in the midst of this Transition for decades though more imminently now. To understand the different energies we are moving through, I’m going to break down the different energies so you can see what will be leaving our lives and what is up ahead.

The Age of Aquarius puts the Sun in Aquarius for the 2000 year experience. That makes Aquarius the 1st House, Pisces the 2nd House, Aries the 3rd House, Taurus the 4th House, Gemini the 5th House, Cancer the 6th House, Leo the 7th House, Virgo the 8th House, Libra the 9th House, Scorpio the 10th House, Sagittarius the 11th House and Capricorn the 12th House.

So the larger energies of this Age is that of an Aquarius Sun person. The Age of Pisces energy then was like that of an Pisces Sun person.

So let’s look at the various House placements to see which energies are building and which energies are receding. In Part 1, I want to discuss the 1st Houses and the 12th Houses. As the latest Saturn/Pluto Conjunction occurred in the 12th House of the Age of Aquarius, this is a prominent House for the next 40+ years AND as we truly emerge into the Age of Aquarius. As of Wednesday morning, Jul 28, EST, we will have both Interpersonal Planets (Jupiter and Saturn), once again in Aquarius. While here, these 2 Planets are bringing us Interpersonal relationships/situations that reflect the new age. So we are nearly completely in the Age of Aquarius at this time. Though you must be in 5D awareness to truly SEE it that way.

1st House – rules the self, body, assertion of self, confidence, first impression and our ‘head/Crown Chakra.

A Pisces Sun Sign is nebulous and changeable like a chameleon. Others don’t always read them as they themselves feel they are. Things are murky and Pisces Suns can avoid things and be hidden from time-to-time. Pisces is the natural 12 House of hidden things and in the 1st House of the body, we were confused about things and uncertain and hesitant. Pisces Suns can ‘daydream’ alot. Its as if the hidden realm is more real than the physical realm. Think addictions, escapism and nebulous influences.

Pisces, like Neptune its ruler, is the repository of all human experience and erodes are structures of time. In Pisces is everything but it also holds our subconscious fears and repressed feelings and emotions. We can be afraid to deal with things we thought were tucked away or hidden from view. Pisces is where we are all connected and all Karma belongs to us all. But we externalize PIsces’ energies in Virgo where things can be ‘seen’. We think what we see is what others see, but its not all of it. Pisces holds all of our collective Karma until we all resolve it in order to achieve unconditional love, non-judgement, no fear, aka compassion.

In the Age of Pisces, we had two 12th House placements because Pisces IS the natural 12th House of the Zodiac. And Aquarius is the 12th House for a Pisces Sun. We were confused about ourselves and our boundaries (1st House in Pisces and confused about groups, acquaintances, how to save the world (as all Aquarians want to do) and we were making and/or resolving Karma in endless cycles. See below regarding 12th House in Age of Aquarius.

An Aquarius Sun/1sth House is very different. Aquarius rules awareness and revelation, groups, social media, shock and awe, change and our hopes and wishes and Soul Awareness. With Aquarius ruling the 1st House, the way people come across or the first impression they make can be surprising, odd, strange of unusual. Or they can be surrounded by a group of people and their identity is tied to the group even more than self. Think BLM, Antifa, Unions, Patriots, Proud Boys, Social Media Groups, etc.

Aquarius is ‘out of this world’, aka Soul Awareness. It rules ingenuity, invention, out-of-the-box thinking, revelation, bizarre and strange things and, of course the hallmark of change. In the 1st House it creates all kinds of unusual ‘body forms’. Transgenderism, 56 genders, aliens, galactic self and galactic groups, multidimensional ideas. Aquarius rules Fixed Air energy that is 5D. Its revelation and change. The flashes of insights that we can have are sanitizing of any old ways of thinking. Embrace the myriad of ideas, but ensure they are universal and shareable as that is another hallmark of Aquarius. What is good for the group, is good for the self and vice versa.

Aquarius rules freedom and wants freedom for each person and for it to be a universal thing. We will all become free thinkers as these revelations come straight into our Crown Chakra. Flashmobs are an excellent expression of smultaneous revelation that can be acted upon (1st House rules action, initiating self). ‘Alien disclosure’ is part of this as what was ‘Galactic’ has remained hidden by Aquarius as the 12th House during the Age of Pisces. Now that bizarre, Galactic things are in the 1st House, we will have Crown Chakra awareness to SEE them… Aries rules the eyes too.

Aquarius also rules electricity, electrifying things, currency as an electrical circuit, and all Quantum applications. We ARE going into a Global Financial Reset (Saturn Conjunct Pluto at 22:47 Capricorn on Jan 12, 2020) but in reality a Quantum Financial System is ready to emerge (it has been hidden a few years still) along with Quantum Internet, StarLink and Space Force are ushering other aspects of this new Galactic Age of FREE energy as well.

12th House – subconscious, hidden, dissolving, illusive, dreamy and murky, all connected because boundaries don’t exist.

During the Age of Pisces, Aquarius was the 12th House and Aquarian things were ‘hidden from view’. But as we move into Age of Aquarius, they are being ‘disclosed’ or ‘revealed.’ As Aquarius rules ‘groups’ and organizations we had many ‘Secret Societies, Mafia, Unions, etc. that had ‘hidden agendas’. Aquarius is Fixed Air/ideas so these groups had their own set of ‘ideas/agendas’ they were carrying out. We sensed and became aware of them at times, but didn’t see most of the actions. They did like to ‘dissolve’ people (like as in acid baths or pig pens, etc.) or kill them (12th House rules ‘endings’). The 12th House rules ‘hidden enemies’ and quite literally in the Age of Aquarius gangs, unions, mafia were the perfect blend of these energies.

Age of Aquarius will remove the veil of secrecy from Aquarian energy and suddenly we will see all the bizarre and shocking things that were cloaked and whispered about for 2000 years. ‘Hidden things’ that will be revealed/seen (as the Bible even foretells in Aquarius’ Book of Revelation) include the deep underground tunnels, Lemurians living under Mount Shasta, UFOs, Intergalactic beings (which are like Soul encounters really) because Aquarius is 5D energy, aka Soul Awareness.

But the new 12th House for the next 2000 years will be in Capricorn! This is where Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto were Conjunct in 2020 destroying Capricorn structures and helping us to be optimistic (Jupiter) about the changes. But the NEW NORMAL involves these Conjunctions AND Capricorn becomes the 12th House of the new age means the Cardinal Earth (initiating structures and foundations) energy of Capricorn will be dissolving.

Capricorn rules our public structures, foundations, history (Saturn is the time-keeper), political systems, banking systems and corporations. All of these things will be dissolved and removed as the 12th House is ‘deep water’ we are seeing that through the flooding all over the world right now. Weather Warfare is Pluto (death and destruction in 3D or transformation in 5D) in the 12th House/Neptune weather and water cycle.

When our government stabilzes again, it will only be 10% of its former size and will be hidden from view. Like the absent father who still sends support to you, but you don’t see him. Capricorn rules careers. Haven’t you seen careers dissolving? The age group with Neptune in Capricorn have been through some tumultuous times with first Pluto Conjunct many of their Neptunes, then Saturn as well.

If you have a copy of the book Walden Two, this is somewhat accurate as to the utopian life of the Age of Aquarius. Just throw in galactic travel and new inventions and you kind of have it.

There are 10 other Houses that will explain life in the Age of Aquarius. I will write more as time allows.

In 1999, I wrote a novel, ‘Binary Fusion and the Millennium Bug.’ The premise was the compassion (no fear, non-judgment, coherent emotion, unconditional love) creates an electrical field that solves any end-time scenario (aka 3D thinking). In each chapter, someone chooses a 5D response to move out of the 3D reality of the a difficult or catastrophic situation. It was the story of the Book of Revelation WITHOUT the Fear. In 2015 I wrote 5D Astrology as the awareness poured in. If you haven’t watched my YouTube channel yet, this is the best time to do so. Before Big Tech is taken down and replaced with Quantum Internet.

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