Mercury & Jupiter Changing Sign/Energies – Jul 27/28

Tuesday, Jul 27, EST

Over the next few days (Tues to Thurs), Mercury, Mars and Jupiter will aspect each other. But all are Ingressing new Signs so there will be plenty of changed energy going on at the same time.

At 2:48am Mercury at 28:23 Cancer Semi-Sextiles Mars at 28:23 Leo.

This is the 1st of the 3-way aspects and the most minor one. Mercury is keeping his thoughts and words to himself and his family as he is security-conscious in Cancer. Mars is trying to squeeze the last drop out of all the fun he has been having over the last 6 weeks or so. Our actions to initiate some fun is working productively with our plans with family. Have fun with family today. By Thursday, the energy will shift.

At 2:04pm Venus at 6:52 Virgo Biquintiles Chiron Rx at 12:52 Aries.

While Venus is getting down to work, fitness and service this double-magic aspect could make it easier for us to serve someone or to initiate our work desires. Chiron has been keeping many Librans and Aries feeling insecure so this 5D aspect from healing Venus is a great relief. Your touch will heal another in many ways. You can elevate their vibration through your approach-ability and charm. This is one of those, ‘you did just the right thing’ kind of aspects.

At 9:11pm Mercury Ingresses Leo.

Now we are talking romance, fun, entertainment, children and creativity. We have wrapped up some family time and feel like we need a bit of ‘me’ time out at various venues or be creative.

At 9:45pm Mercury at 0:03 Leo Quincunx Jupiter Rx at 0:03 Pisces.

This is the 2nd aspect of the rolling 3-way energy. Just barely inside Leo Mercury needs to adjust himself to some higher standard. Jupiter in Pisces feels like an angel on our shoulder, but that angel can be our conscience too. You may need to keep in mind someone else as you try to take the limelight you are seeking right now.

Wednesday, Jul 28

At 8:42am Jupiter Retrograde Ingresses Aquarius.

Jupiter Ingressed Pisces on May 13 leaving Aquarius behind until today. Jupiter is leaving the hidden depths of Pisces where things are murky and you have to go on faith. But Jupiter is optimistic and up to the challenge of Pisces. He is leaving one Higher-Mind energy (Pisces is ruled by Neptune) and returning to Aquarius which another Higher-Mind energy ruled by Uranus. Jupiter expands things and Uranus is inspiration, revelation, self-awareness, ingenuity and so many other wonderfully surprising things. Jupiter in Aquarius is concerned with benevolence that equalizing things. Uranus/Aquarius likes things to be universal and equal for all. Jupiter adds a sense of abundant optimism that this can be accomplished. Jupiter will return to 22:20 Aquarius on Oct 18 before Stationing Direct. Where Pisces is ‘hidden’ things… Aquarius is the Quickener… our revelations can be seen in a flash of lightning. Get ready to see some new ideas emerge!

NOTE: With all the global flooding, this may be a very welcome aspect as Jupiter in Pisces (which rules changeable water) can create TOO MUCH water. But he will return to Pisces again on Dec 28.

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