Mars Opposes Jupiter & Enters Virgo – Jul 29

Thursday, Jul 29, EST

At 7:38am Venus at 8:57 Virgo Squares the North Node at 8:57 Gemini.

Our desires to serve, get fit, be beautiful and healthy are in the Soulful vice of the North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius. Will you serve in your local community? Or will you travel long-distance to assist someone who needs your assistance? Will you workout in a way like you did in grade school? Or will you get a more philosophical approach to your health/fitness routine. A woman co-worker may challenge your ideas or your intellect and you will need to see what you real values are.

The North Node is Opposite the US’s Natal Ascendant. We may be challenged around the way we use our resources in healthcare, food and other areas and see if it is helping our community or international trade.

At 11:50am Mars at 29:53 Leo Opposes Jupiter Rx at 29:53 Aquarius.

Great confidence today. But if you are promoting your own interests (Leo) or self-serving, it could be too much. Jupiter is in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus and Mars and Uranus can create ‘accidents’ as we receive flashes of awareness, inspiration or something shocking and you ‘trip ourselves up.’ Jupiter Rx freshly back in Aquarius expands the energy making for getting ‘way ahead of ourselves.’ Instead, look for the amazing awareness that could be coming in.

This was the 3rd aspect in a rolling 3-way between Mercury, Mars and Jupiter. Both Mercury and Jupiter Rx have already changed Signs and Mars will do so later today. Lots of varied energies involved in this 3-way.

Interestingly, this aspect is just like a Natal placement for Trump. His Ascendant (strongest point of the body, Mars in Leo, Celebrity) is at 29+ Leo Opposite his 9th House (ruled by Jupiter) in Aquarius by Sun Sign. You can get a feel today for how Trump feels everyday! Jupiter rules broadcasting too… any wonder he is a Reality TV Star? Nope! Fits his Chart to a ‘T’. Trump’s Natal Ascendant is in his 3rd House of communication by Sun Sign (Gemini Sun). So he can be routinely ‘tripped’ up with his communication style… or trigger others easily with Descendant in 9th House on critical degree of Aquarius.

At 4:33pm Mars Ingresses Virgo.

Mars our actions will begin to align with our desires as Mars joins Venus in Virgo. Back to work. Back to service. Back to working out. Back to our duties. As Mars leaves Leo, our actions will be more earthy and less about frivolous fun. We have 6 weeks to organize or serve this area of our lives (whichever House you have Virgo in your Natal Chart).

For the US, Virgo is our Natal 3rd House of communication, ideas and ‘seen’ reality. The ‘fraud’ of the Election (Pluto in Capricorn) is likely to be revealed and aggressive actions to be taken. We may see action from those in uniform over the next 6 weeks. In China, they can certainly use some of this energy right now as they handle the floods and relocation of many.

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