Desires are Adjusted; Mars Makes Magic with Pluto – Jul 30/31

Friday, Jul 30, EST

At 10:06am Venus at 10:16 Virgo Ses-Squares Pluto Rx at 25:16 Capricorn.

With both Planets in Earth Signs and Venus ruling touch, Pluto ruling sex and transformation, this should be intense attraction. It could involve work or health issue as well. There is some adjustment that needs to be made to create an ease. Working to acquire some resources could mean you need to adjust the terms with those you owe money to. Or your boss or financial backer may be interested in more from you, but you need to be more work-oriented to keep things in check and continue the good relationship.

At 12:27pm Venus at 10:22 Virgo Quincunx Saturn Rx at 10:22 Aquarius.

Someone else might have noticed the tension between you and your Pluto entity and given you a stern look that causes you to adjust yourself more professionally at work. Or you may have to restrict your socializing and social network so you can get more work done.

At 4:28pm the Sun at 7:53 Leo Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 22:53 Pisces.

The Sun in aspect to Neptune always allows us to see through Neptune fog and shroud of confusion. The Sun in Leo is in its own Sign and we are ego-focused with our goals at the moment. Neptune is keeping his secrets but can’t block the sunlight. What we see that is leaving our lives may need us to adjust our goals, but it will be for the better.

Saturday, Jul 31

At 9:16am the Moon at 8:33 Taurus Squares the Sun at 8:33 Leo creating the Last 1/4 Moon.

A minor aspect that puts our public side (Sun) and our private side (Moon) in perspective. The Moon in Taurus wants to soak in a bathtub of bubbles and eat bon-bons. But the Sun has fun plans to focus on. So you can see how the Square energy will annoy your goals.

At 2:51pm Mercury at 7:52 Leo Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 22:52 Pisces.

Another Ses-Square! But at least there is some ease to be obtained when we adjust ourselves. Here Mercury is thinking fun and romance but Neptune is making him hesitate. Try to see what you need to adjust in your plans or expressions to achieve the ease. Should you be a bit more romantic and less focused on your own fun?

At 3:35pm Mars at 1:14 Virgo Biquintiles Pluto Rx at 25:14 Capricorn.

This aspect is going to help make everything effortless today. Mars is ready to work and organize and accomplish things for someone else. Pluto is offering some financial assistance or social status assistance to help you achieve your objectives. Mars is applying to Quintile the Jun 10 Solar Eclipse degree at 19:47 Gemini and Pluto is still in orb of this Biquintile so some good things could be shaping up allowing your motivations to help you achieve the ‘fresh start’ promise of that Eclipse.

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