Sun Conjuncts Mercury & Both Oppose Saturn – Aug 1/2

At 2:35am Mercury at 8:53 Leo Sextiles the North Node at 8:53 Gemini.

Mercury rules the North Node as it Transits his Sign of Gemini. Mercury in Leo is playful in his thoughts, ideas and expressions. This works productively with the North Node as the words and ideas are Soulful as well.

At 10:07am the Sun at 9:32 Leo Conjuncts Mercury at 9:32 Leo.

This is the Superior Conjunction of our goals, purpose and real-time/reality (Sun) and our conscious mind (Mercury). We are clear about our thoughts, plans and communications today. Its involving fun, romance, creativity, entertainment and children. Mercury Conjuncts the Sun usually 6 days each year. The rest of the time our lower/conscious mind is ahead of or behind our reality. Mercury is considered the Trickster because he sure he is right, but he is not in sync with reality most of the time. The Superior Conjunction is the halfway mark of the current Sun/Mercury cycle which begins at the Inferior Conjunction (when Mercury is Retrograde). This cycle began 15 hours after the Jun 10 Solar Eclipse exacted. The Sun met Mercury Rx at 20:21 with both Planets in a Biquintile to Pluto. Whatever our mental minds thought, wrote or spoke at that time, this is the halfway mark to making it a reality. See if you can connect today to that day and how you are or are not meeting your goals.

At 1:16pm Venus at 12:48 Virgo Quincunx Chiron Rx at 12:48 Aries.

Venus is a Healing Planet so does pretty well with Chiron. There is an adjustment that is required here though. Venus wants to serve and be productive, but insecurity might be holding her back (or someone she is working with or for). A bit of a warm touch or smile could help overcome the insecurity. Or adjust your work pace to someone who is less motivated and don’t judge the position they are in at the moment.

At 5:50pm Mercury at 10:13 Leo Opposes Saturn Rx at 10:13 Aquarius.

Well Mercury’s meeting with the Sun was within a 1-degree orb of this Opposition so there is no doubt some restriction you are feeling to all your fun plans and goals. Saturn’s caution does serve a purpose. It makes us focus on doing one thing rather than several. Saturn in Aquarius has us feeling less social and so it can certainly curtail our fun and make us less likely to express our romantic ideas. Words are a bit more serious so just be aware.

Monday, Aug 2, AM

At 2:14am the Sun at 10:11 Leo Opposes Saturn Rx at 10:11 Aquarius.

Now we have clarity around what was expressed and realize our purpose should be to consider a larger group rather than just our own fun. Saturn wants us to be response-able to groups and new acquaintances without just seeking our own thrills. But that can feel like a buzzkill for sure. Still you could see a way to balance both if you pay attention.

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