Unexpected Clarity, Magical Fun & Leo New Moon – Aug 6-8

Friday, Aug 6, EST

At 7:57pm the Sun at 14:44 Leo Squares Uranus at 14:44 Taurus.

Mercury just moved through this Square on Tues at 14:42 so we could have some clarity around unexpected communication at that time. Uranus is slowing down for his Retrograde Station on Aug 19 at 14:48 Taurus. So he is emphasizing this degree for a few months. An ‘ah ha’ moment today could be around an issue that we will be working on for a few more weeks. Uranus in Taurus is changing up our available resources and assets and also leveling them to make it more equitable and fair universally. The Sun could help us see some of these changes today. It could shake us up if we like all that we have, but if you need to be more giving, you might heed that call today too. Uranus rules philanthropy, charity and donation. In Taurus, you need to use your own resources to help a child, entertainer or to help someone have more fun in their lives. But notice the new energies to ‘entitle’ everyone to their own freedom and ability to ‘live’ as Uranus desires for us.

At 9:02pm Mercury at 20:39 Leo Quintiles the North Node at 8:39 Gemini.

Effortless creativity, romance or plans with children, romantic and creative partners/acquaintances. You may drive to meet them or have a wonderful conversation with them. You could be planning fun with siblings or classmates or throwing a block party. Mercury is elevated out of his 3D energy and into Soulful (North Node) and magical/5D energy tonight. So USE it to create some miracle through your plans and words.

Saturday, Aug 7

At 10:27pm Mercury at 22:44 Leo Quincunx Neptune Rx at 22:44 Pisces.

Mercury is moving very fast right now… like 2 degrees each day. He won’t Retrograde for a while though. But he just Biquintiled (5D/magical) Neptune on Wednesday and now he needs to adjust his thoughts, ideas and words from that day. Do what is needed to move on. Adjust your ideas and inform someone if you feel you should.

Sunday, Aug 8, AM

At 9:50am the Moon at 16:14 Leo Conjuncts the Sun at 16:14 Leo creating the annual New Moon in Leo.

If you have only been focus on thinking and planning some fun, now it the time you might actually start your new goals for more of it. The New Moon in each Sign is the annual beginning of focus on that area of life. This is the ‘fresh start’ in the Leo areas of life: children, romance, entertainment and creativity. Your plans could include Leo types of people: entertainers and children.

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