Mercury Opposes Jupiter, Enters Virgo, Quadranoviles Saturn, Biquintiles Pluto – Aug 10-12

From Tuesday through Friday (Friday, not included in this post) Mercury will make a number of aspects to Outer Planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. He will also enter Virgo so our communications will change from fun/romance to work/service.

Tuesday, Aug 10, EST, PM

At 9:20pm Mercury at 28:24 Leo Opposes Jupiter Rx at 28:24 Aquarius.

Today you won’t focus on all the details. You will be taking in the big picture and talking to others in a more spiritual or philosophical way. You could be traveling for adventure or mingling in a large crowd of new people. The group mindset is rising above the usual minutia and looking for answers from a stance of optimism and awareness.

Wednesday, Aug 11

At 4:59am Mars at 7:53 Virgo Squares the North Node at 7:53 Gemini.

This squeeze from the Nodes of Fate (North and South Nodes) makes your actions very acute, focused and effective. Healthcare types could feel the squeeze of the media and legal actions. Military/first responder types could be out in your local neighborhood or serving overseas. The North Node is a Opposing the US Ascendant at 8+ Sagittarius, where the US has been termed the ‘World’s police.’ You could be part of this OR you could be taking action based on media news or spiritual urging.

At 8:59am Venus at 24:30 Virgo Ses-Squares Saturn Rx at 9:30 Aquarius.

If you are busy in service and earning resources through your work, but Saturn is suggesting you stop what you are doing in order to be more effective. Saturn in Aquarius delivered us the first lockdown. There may be some feelings around that today. Make an adjustment to an authority in order to enjoy an ease. Or go back to what you were doing being mindful that an authority doesn’t like it, but you are working anyway.

At 11:20am Mercury at 29:29 Leo Quadranoviles Saturn Rx at 9:29 Aquarius.

This is a 160 degree aspect that brings a connection to unexpected or alternative possibilities. On Friday, Mercury will make the same aspect to Neptune Rx. So he is rolling through this energy to BOTH Karmic Planets in less than 48 hours. Let’s see if we can detect this aspect. It is going to involve you and an other (Saturn is an Interpersonal Planet), but also could involve a group or social media (Aquarius). Saturn in Aquarius has been lockdowns and censorship on social media platforms. Already Conjunct Donald Trump’s Ascendant, maybe we will hear from him today in some unexpected way. HE could be the authority shutting something down as Saturn is making this same aspect to his Ascendant. Aquarius is the US’s 8th House by Sun Sign. So there could be a ‘death/transformation’ type of energy involved for us as well.

At 4:50pm Mercury at 29:55 Leo Conjuncts Donald Trump’s Ascendant.

Now Mercury exacts his Conjunction and we will begin to see a bit more of Trump with our Transiting conscious/seen mind in his 1st House. We can become acutely aware of him near this time.

At 5:57pm Mercury Ingresses Virgo.

Now Mercury enters the US’s 3rd House by Sun Sign and is in our ‘seen’ world. We will be talking about first responders, health, service, food production, work, duty, honor and the like. Mercury will join both Venus and Mars already in the Sign. Communications will be more open from this point forward in the US.

At 6:45pm Venus at 24:59 Virgo Trines Pluto Rx at 24:59 Capricorn.

This aspect creates an ease around our 2 Money Planets: Venus (my money) and Pluto (your money that I share/use). The Trine is nice. There could be some financial backing coming your way or you could use your own resources to serve someone and it meets with the approval of your intimate partner/financial backer.

Thursday, Aug 12

At 2:02am the Sun at 19:46 Leo Quintiles the North Node at 7:46 Gemini.

It just so happens that the Sun will Sextile the Jun 10 Solar Eclipse degree at 19:47 Leo right after this Quintile. So the clarity around our purpose and goals is effortless and shows us a bit of how we are progressing on the Super-Charged Fresh Start of the Eclipse. Quintiles are 5D/Soulful/magical and bring effortless energy. You will see how to have more fun as a way to build community. Or more romance as a way to help your communication style.

At 6:31am Mercury at 0:58 Virgo Biquintiles Pluto Rx at 24:58 Capricorn.

Magical energy around contracts and financial backing; service and authority. This aspect is tightly involved with the Jun 10 Solar Eclipse so see below.

At 5:00pm Mercury at 1:47 Virgo Quintiles the Jun 10 Solar Eclipse degree.

Mercury was Conjunct that Eclipse and Pluto was Biquintile the Eclipse. They meet with orb of that degree today with Mercury filling in a 2nd Biquintile forming a Finger of Merlin into Pluto. Pluto is Transforming our public structures and shared resources. We are likely to hear more about his efforts with this aspect. And we will be using these resources in service to others. Or we could hear the ‘Infrastructure Bill’ is part of things but likely in some new form. Word about the use of military or other first responders is possible too.

And on Friday morning, Mercury will Quadranovile Neptune… wonder what that unexpected, alternative possibility might bring?!

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