Quadranovile, Quincunx & Biquintile – Aug 13-15

Friday, Aug 13, EST

At 4:00am Mercury at 2:37 Virgo Quadranoviles Neptune Rx at 22:37 Pisces.

On Wed, Mercury Quadranoviled Saturn and now he makes the same aspect to Neptune. This year both of the Karmic Planets (Saturn and Neptune) have met in a Novile which is a completing or testing capability. As Mercury is moving quite fast he is actually is orb of both of them in a short timespan. A Quadranovile is offers an unexpected, alternative possibility. Mercury in Virgo is talking about work, duty, service, fitness, productivity, etc. Neptune dissolves things, keeps them hidden from view (though Mercury can make them ‘seen’ for a moment) and can bring up suppressed fears. See if you can detect something alternative you weren’t expecting around this time.

At 12:29pm Mars at 9:20 Virgo Quincunx Saturn Rx at 9:20 Aquarius.

Our ‘go’ and ‘stop’ energy need to adjust to each other. Mars wants to serve, get fit, stay busy, and volunteer, but Saturn wants to just stay home and do social media things. Saturn is not up to the full social scene right now. So somewhere you need to adjust your motivation to match your responsibilities to a group or an authority-type.

Saturday, Aug 14

At 6:58am Venus at 27:57 Virgo Quincunx Jupiter Rx at 27:57 Aquarius.

More adjustment, but with the 2 Healing Planets, the adjustment feels easier. Venus is serving and staying busy. Jupiter, unlike Saturn, wants to get out and about and take in all the weird venues. So you may need to adjust your spiritual quest to better serve someone you love.

At 10:32am Mars at 9:55 Virgo Ses-Squares Pluto Rx at 24:55 Capricorn.

Adjust to create an ease, says the Ses-Square. Mars is staying as busy as he can at work, the gym or in service and he looks buff in his uniform. But Pluto may want to adjust his actions to better suit the corporate culture or the ‘powers that be’. In other words, Mars, keep on doing something but adjust to those who are paying the bills.

Sunday, Aug 15, AM

At 12:13am the Sun at 22:34 Leo Quincunx Neptune Rx at 22:34 Pisces.

And still more adjustment. Now we are adjusting our goals and purpose to our sense of contentment around them. The Sun is still planning fun, children, romance, entertainment, but Neptune is bringing up something nagging to get us to adjust those plans.

At 8:17am Mercury at 6:32 Virgo Biquintiles Chiron Rx at 6:32 Aries.

What a welcome aspect in the midst of all the adjustments we are making. Here we have miraculous ability to serve and communicate without insecurity or lack of motivation. Words can be helpful and strike the right chord with someone you may have had some hard words with. Keep these words in mind because in a few days you may need to adjust them when Mercury Quincunx Chiron Rx.

At 11:19am the Moon 23:01 Scorpio Squares the Sun at 23:01 Leo creating the First Quarter Moon.

We will see how we feel about our children, fun and romance versus our intimate feelings and shared resources. We want to be light-hearted about our romance but Moon in Scorpio is too fixed for that.

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