Double, Personal Energies – Aug 15

Sunday, Aug 15, EST, PM

At 8:06pm Venus at 29:47 Virgo Ses-Squares Uranus at 14:47 Taurus.

Venus is on the ‘quintessentially Virgo’ degree, or Critical Degree. Virgos can ‘martyr’ themselves in service to others. Venus rules Uranus right now as he Transits her Sign of Taurus. So there is double-Venus energy. Uranus is shaking up Fixed Earth energy in the world’s chart. Earthquakes as a hallmark of this. Venus is so busy working, she may not be aware of what is going on elsewhere. She is likely to receive some shock or inspiration from Uranus that will cause her to adjust her work, routine or service.

At 10:45pm Mercury at 7:36 Virgo Squares the North Node at 7:36 Gemini.

Mercury in Virgo has us planning our work, service, duty, volunteering, etc. He rules the North Node Transiting through his Sign of Gemini. There is double-Mercury energy here. The Nodes of Fate (North/South Nodes) are bringing a Soulful lesson around Gemini areas of life: thoughts, ideas, communication, neighborhood, local community, early childhood learning, siblings, cousins, neighbors, driving, vehicles, etc. How are we balancing our work plans with the information we learned growing up? Are attending to our neighbors while we work? Is our health based on what we’ve learned or spiritual philosophy instead?

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