Uranus Stations Retrograde – Aug

Thursday, Aug 19, EDT/EST

At 8:28pm the Sun at 27:14 Leo Opposes Jupiter Rx at 27:14 Aquarius.

Our goals and purpose for fun and romance may be just a tad too big today. But our optimism for socializing is supporting our playfulness. We can SEE how our spiritual philosophy for ‘saving the world’ can start right there in our own heart to love ourselves.

At 9:40pm Uranus at 14:48 Taurus Stations Retrograde.

He has been slowing down for some time and will now change direction. Uranus is the Agent of Change, the Quickener, the Awakener, the Equalizer, the Philanthropist, the Inventor, the Bizarre and more. We rely on his new inspirations to keep us from getting into a rut. Uranus in Taurus has been shaking up our values, our resources, our earned income and even recently our ‘Fixed Earth’ (Taurus) via earthquakes. He wants to level assets and makes things universally sound. If you are unaware of NESARA/GESARA, now is the perfect time to look it up. At the Jun 10 Solar Eclipse, Uranus was Tridecile to Pluto Rx who was Biquintile the Eclipse. And Uranus was Quintile to Jupiter, who was Decile to Pluto. All of these aspects are 5D or quasi 5D. They are making the Great Awakening (Jupiter Quintile Uranus), NESARA/GESARA (Uranus Tridecile Pluto) and debt-forgiveness (Jupiter Decile Pluto) to replace the destruction of our public structures at the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction of Jan 12, 2020 at 22:47 Capricorn. Now as Uranus Stations Retrograde, we will be reviewing the implementation his revelations here. Oh, and Uranus has had 2 Squares to Saturn so far with the 3rd planned for Dec 24. This a change to our structures, changing of the guard of governments, banks and corporations. So there will be LOTS of for review so that we can nail down these new energies in order to quicken them within us.

Uranus will Station Direct on Jan 19, 2022 at 10:49 Taurus. His Direct Stations are always powerful. As he is Retrograde, though, it is the chance needed to awaken more people to the Age of Aquarius and a global financial reset that is NOT a fiat currency, but one that will serve the 5D energies of this new age.

Friday, Aug 20

At 12:54am the Sun at 27:24 Leo Ses-Squares Chiron Rx at 12:24 Aries.

Gratitude is required here and usually available when these 2 Planets meet. The clarity we receive from the Sun can help us see the Soulful purpose of Chiron. Yes, men by and large are less assertive right now and we need to adjust our sense of ‘romance’ to take this into account. Someone still wearing a mask could maybe use a bit of humor to take it off. People who are insecure are actually thankful to hide behind a mask. It isn’t really about the virus, they feel its easier to assert themselves without their full face showing. So the Sun helps us to adjust our goals to accommodate someone’s insecurity or lack of motivation. Acceptance and gratitude will help you adjust to create the ease of the Ses-Square’s promise.

At 4:06am Mercury at 14:47 Virgo Trines Uranus Rx at 14:47 Taurus.

The first aspect to Uranus after his Station. This is a helpful one that elevates our conscious/lower mind of Mercury into 5D energy. Aspects like this can go a long way to awaken people to the changes we are going through and to embrace the awareness, revelation and inspiration of Uranus. We can accept change today. The changes will be around our daily routine, work plans, service plans, volunteering plans as well as all communication with Virgo types of people. We may be ready to use our own resources to help someone else. Or we could be inventive in getting work project done.

At 5:15am Mercury at 14:52 Virgo Biquintiles Saturn Rx at 8:52 Aquarius.

This aspect will further bolster the plans you have. The effortless/magical Biquintile will have an authority-type of a group assisting you or recognizing you for your contributions. You could receive a raise or promotion. Or someone could applaud you on social media. While Virgo energy is shy and humble, this aspect will serve to help you be even more productive.

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