Sun Conjuncts Neptune & Sextiles the North Node – Mar 13/14

Sunday, Mar 13, EST

Today’s aspects have already occurred, but see if you can identify the energies.

At 5:44am Mercury at 5:20 Pisces Semi-Sextiled Mars at 5:20 Aquarius.

A minor aspect that might have woke you up. Maybe you received a text message from someone or you dreamt about it. Or maybe you forgot to set your clock back and you think to do so now. You may not know exactly what is on your mind, but you are taking some unexpected action anyway.

At 7:43am the Sun at 22:52 Pisces Conjuncts Neptune at 22:52 Pisces.

This aspect colored last night and all day today. Neptune is busy dissolving some things in our lives or simply keeping people, places and things hidden from view. When the Sun meets Neptune, we get to see through the fog of confusion that he likes to create. Its a clarifying energy that helps us to get in touch with our goals and purpose in a deeply satisfying way.

Monday, Mar 14

At 7:15pm Venus at 7:56 Aquarius Semi-Squares Neptune at 22:56 Pisces.

There is some irritation here between our desires and their failure to manifest. We want to socialize, but someone else is isolating. Or we have some nagging hesitation about who we might run into if we do go out. Or we need money to be out and about, but we don’t seem to feel like we have enough to do so.

At 7:51pm Mercury at 7:57 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Venus at 7:57 Aquarius.

Regardless of the hesitation, we might just get a message from someone that explains where they have been hiding. Or you tell someone that you have decided to stay in even though they want you to go out with the group of friends.

At 10:43pm the Sun at 24:30 Pisces Sextiles the North Node at 24:30 Taurus.

Now the Sun meets the Soulful North Node in Taurus, the Sign of earned income, available resources, our financial bottom lines, beauty and values. We can get clear on what we really do value and how it can help us with our goals and purpose. Overall a helpful aspect for us to understand the purpose of the North Node’s Transit through Taurus.

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