Mercury Gets Soulful the Irritated – Mar 16/17

Wednesday, Mar 16, EST

At 7:04pm Mars at 8:00 Aquarius Semi-Square Neptune at 23:00 Pisces.

Some underlying frustration with socializing, networking and philanthropy. In some way our actions are self-defeating as there is a subconscious dissolving of things. We can be confused in not seeing the results of our actions today.

At 9:18pm Mercury at 11:25 Pisces Semi-Sextile Chiron at 11:25 Aries.

It may be harder to communicate today as we prefer to avoid rather than let any insecurity show through. But it also can be some productive time spent away while we look for some Soulful understanding.

Thursday, Mar 17

At 6:46am Mercury at 12:06 Pisces Quintiles the North Node at 24:06 Taurus.

What a wonderful aspect for Soulful communication, feeling at ease and enjoying some of our desires and earthly resources. Make a mental note of our your Soul feels about things so you can return to this 5D/magical and Soulful understanding as necessary. The truth is that you are a soul having a human experience so you don’t need to stay in the physical energy too much and lose this Soulful connection.

At 8:13am Mercury at 12:12 Pisces Sextiles Uranus at 12:12 Taurus.

Another helpful aspect occurring simultaneously offering inspiration and sudden attraction as well as a desire to give unto others and be charitable with lovers, social network, etc. Make good use of this energy this morning to settle any discord with others and create a Soulful, magical outcome.

At 10:44am Mercury at 12:22 Pisces Squares 12:22 Sagittarius (the Dec 4 Solar Eclipse degree).

All morning we are also sensing the midpoint energies of the Dec 4 Solar Eclipse. What was started at that time will be halfway completed (for the most part). We could hear, say, write, read something that expresses our progress. The Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius offered a fresh start around market speculation, optimism, spiritual perspectives/higher consciousness, foreigners/foreign places and things, etc. We may hear something, though we are not likely to SEE them yet as Mercury is in Pisces, that points to a new market system. OR will the old system collapse soon making way for the new? Or Sagittarius rules ‘royalty’/elders, etc. Could there be an announcement about the Queen? Let’s see what this aspect reveals to us.

At 4:13pm the Sun at 27:13 Pisces Semi-Square Uranus at 12:13 Taurus.

Later in the day we can have some sudden revelation that annoys us or changes our goals a bit. Its a necessary change, though, so do you best to just incorporate it. Uranus will likely provide you the resources needed for this change of course.

At 9:47pm Mercury at 13:10 Pisces Semi-Square Pluto at 28:10 Capricorn.

Some more irritation around our communication and finances or career goals. Mercury in Pisces is dissolving our old plans and systems in order for new plans to be realized and acted upon once Mercury enters Aries on Mar 27. So for now, if your career or financial plans don’t quite materialize at this time, just go with the flow and things will work out with the next annual cycle of Mercury through the Zodiac.

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