Spring Equinox Means SPRING!- Mar 20

Sunday, Mar 20, EST

At 11:33am the Sun Ingresses Aries creating the Spring Equinox.

When the Sun enters a Cardinal (Initiating Energy) Sign, it is the start of a new ‘season.’ This is the start of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter for the Southern Hemisphere. The chart above is for EST in Northern MI. So the Ascendant would change some based on your location. The Chart for the start of a season plays in the background of the next 90 days. So it captures the energies of the season.

Aries starts a new cycle of the Sun around the Zodiac Wheel. Aries is the natural 1st House that rules the body (of the Earth too) and self-assertion, aggression and action. 00:00 Aries is like the first gasp of a baby newly born. The Sun is leaving the watery depths of Pisces and moving into action with a purpose. At least we have clarity of our goals and purpose and see which actions are needed. The Sun is leading the other Personal Planets right now so we may have to wait for Mercury to enter Aries, in the early morning of Mar 27, before we can fully express our newfound goals.

And the New Moon in the Sign is actually another signal as to when Aries’ energies will be part of our shared reality. The New Moon in Aries occurs on Apr 1 at 11:31 Aries. By that time all systems will really begin to ‘go’ in true Aries fashion. This New Moon is also 30 days from the New Moon Solar Eclipse of the new Eclipse cycle.

The nicest aspects in the Equinox Chart is a Hand of Merlin between Pluto Binquintile the Ascendant and Quintile Chiron. This is a very nice energy for the next season where the next Eclipses occur across the Taurus/Scorpio axis of both Money Houses (mine and ours).

Saturn and the Midheaven are Trine the Equinox Ascendant, but Saturn is also in orb of a Square to the Nodes of Fate and will exact that Square on Apr 11. Neptune is exactly Square this EST Equinox Chart which means there can be some confusion coming up, but also a challenge for us to merge all of our energies together for the new 2nd House of our Personal bottom-lines. Pisces is the 2nd House from Aquarius which rules the Astrological Age we are now in.

Monday, Mar 21, AM

At 2:06am Mercury at 18:45 Pisces Conjuncts Jupiter at 18:45 Pisces.

Now Mercury is elevated by 2 Higher-Mind Planetary energies (Neptune/Pisces and Jupiter). His words can express spiritual truths, big picture ideas, philosophies and apply to global matters. Legal matters are also possible, but is a 3D expression of Jupiter so try to seek higher ground when applying your ideas and sharing them with others. The Pisces influence means you may be considering ways to overcome addictions or merely avoiding things. You will be seeking to use Jupiter’s optimism to deal with any hidden energies that have eluded you.

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