Mercury Conjuncts Neptune & Sextiles the North Node – Mar 23

Wednesday, Mar 23, EST

At 1:44pm Mercury at 23:16 Pisces Conjuncts Neptune at 23:16 Pisces.

Over the last 24 hours to the next 24 hours we will be expressing some things that are dissolving in our lives, or things that have been hidden can be seen. This applies to the natural 12th House of subconscious for all of us, but affects each of us differently based on the House placements of Pisces in our Natal Charts. Maybe you will hear from someone who you haven’t been communicating with in a while. You will also have been dissolving old plans you’ve made to replace them with some new plans as Mercury moves away from Neptune and Ingresses Aries in just 4 days.

With both the Sun and Mercury in Aires, after the 27th, we will be acting more than some avoiding that can occur with Mercury in Pisces. Thankfully Jupiter is in orb of both Mercury and Neptune offering more optimism and philosophical perspective to keep us out of the mire of Pisces/Neptune’s deep waters. With Neptune below sea level, Mercury AT sea level and Jupiter in the heavens, we have the full range of intellectual perspectives at the moment. This will further assist in the Great Awakening of Jupiter’s Quintiles (magical/5D) to Uranus last year.

At 7:08pm Mercury at 23:41 Pisces Sextiles the North Node at 23:41 Taurus.

Occurring simultaneously, now Mercury closes the Sextile of Neptune to the North Node offering us mental ideas around the Soulful perspectives of the NN in Taurus: personal assets, finances, bottom line and how to use our resources Soulfully… or for use of all (Pisces/Neptune). Your thoughts, words, expressions, ideas and plans will be deep and Soulful today. Take heed as 5D is Soul Awareness; Neptune is a Higher Mind Planet and the North Node is a Soulful point of evolution. Mercury is very elevated at the moment and offering us SEEN things of a 5D nature, even if only via dreams or fantasies.

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