Sun Semi-Squares Saturn & Mercury Enters Aries – Mar 26/27

Saturday, Mar 26, EST

At 6:35am Mercury at 28:19 Pisces Sextiled Pluto at 28:19 Capricorn.

This aspect has just occurred and is still in orb. Sometimes as they separate they show us something that is leaving or is behind us. As they are applying to exact, they can show us what is ahead. Here Mercury has separated from both Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. He is starting to get a sense of his own plans again as they have been shaped by meeting both of these 2 Higher-Mind Planets. This productive aspect to Pluto may be showing us some subconscious, forgotten for a bit, shared resources or intimacy issue that affected our social status or career. But we are able to see it is an old fear that we can let go of and move forward from it. Mercury is wrapping up his Transit through Pisces today as he moves across the Anaretic (critical/quintessential) degree of Pisces.

Sunday, Mar 27, AM

At 3:11am the Sun at 6:36 Aries Semi-Squares Saturn at 21:36 Aquarius.

We are setting new goals and plans with the Sun in Aries preparing for the New Moon in Aries, but Saturn is saying ‘not so fast.’ There is some irritation around groups of people, socializing/networking, social media, electricity, wifi, and the like that we need to look at and consider. There are plenty of changes in the works in our online ‘reality’ and today what we are getting clarity about may be irritating, but slowing down will help the situation.

At 3:44am Mercury Ingresses Aries.

Like a baby leaving the womb and taking its first breath, Mercury is finally landing on the ground and ready to run. He has dissolved, refined and is starting to see how to initiate his new ideas, thoughts and expressions into something ‘real’. Think fast, move fast and get the ball rolling as Mercury will only be in Aries until Apr 10! That is just 2 weeks to initiate our ideas. Yes, that’s how Mercury in Aries feels: GO!

At 3:33am Venus at 20:21 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 20:21 Pisces.

Venus in Aquarius is lightning fast attraction, change in resources, inspired ways to earn and acquire. Now she is meeting Jupiter in Pisces who is refining our spiritual philosophy and, while Jupiter is big picture and global in his thinking, in Pisces he is meeting with the collective unconscious to realign our spiritual path and philosophies. This minor aspect will feel good and offer healing in some way around being able to touch with truth and depth as well as making necessary changes to align your own values and resources to our new philosophy.

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