Mars Joins Saturn to Square the Nodes of Fate – Apr 4/5

Monday, Apr 4, EST

At 12:16am Venus at 28:26 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto at 28:26 Capricorn.

This aspect occurred just after midnight and you may or may not recall anything from it. But it was a productive aspect between our desires to socialize and network and someone who has some power or authority or controls the purse strings. Could have been some sudden attraction that had you merging physically or financially with someone. Look to the Houses where you have these 2 Planets Transiting to see WHO would have been involved.

At 2:47pm Mars at 22:11 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 22:11 Pisces.

Another minor aspect between our motivations to socialize and network and our spiritual philosophy. Maybe we can feel a connection with everyone around us with Jupiter in Pisces. There is a deep contentment and ease in asserting ourselves. You may be deciding to drink less and have a new philosophy to go with this that makes networking more effective.

At 9:51pm Mars at 22:24 Aquarius Conjuncts Saturn at 22:24 Aquarius.

This aspect has likely been felt strongly all day before exacting. As Mars reaches Saturn, he is also nearing a Square with the Nodes of Fate. Mars exacts a Square to the Nodes on Tuesday at 2:49pm. Saturn exacts his Square to the Nodes on Apr 11. So right now our motivations and actions are showing us a preview of what is ahead as Saturn makes that Square. Mars is our ‘go’ energy. Saturn is our ‘stop/caution’ energy. Mars is reigned in my Saturn’s presence. In Aquarius, Saturn has been restricting and limiting our socializing. Though we have also, at the same time, been focused on online activities, internet, and all things electrical and all forms of networks.

We can not easily separate this Conjunction from the Square to the Nodes of Fate. Right now our Soulful perspective (North Node) is Transiting in Taurus. We are looking all things having to do with our financial bottom-line, available resources, earned income, our values and valuables and our desires. Taurus like to acquire things and possess them. But the North Node is making it more Soulful and less possessive. The South Node is Transiting through Scorpio and with its ‘letting go’ energies we are letting go of taxes, debts, loans, shared resources, etc. We are trying to see what each person needs to get by and are focused there. Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, is the Equalizer. This energy wants to level the playing field and bring some justice into being. Saturn in Aquarius is applying this energy to the areas Saturn rules: governments, banks, corporations, social status, politics, careers, power, authority. Less government is an ideal of Saturn in Aquarius.

So the overall effect of the Square of Saturn to the Nodes is to use electrical currents/currencies to affect the Transfer of Wealth from banking control of Scorpio entities to individuals owning and holding the wealth. Minimization of ‘shared resources’ to enhance the individuals’ bottom-lines is what is at play here. So Saturn’s initiating/Cardinal Earth energy is building the money systems of the future. Though it may feel to the wealthy under the old banking system that the sky is indeed falling.

So when Mars Conjuncts Saturn, our own motivations will need to take a backseat to the good of all and others. We can understand Saturn’s caution because a lot is at stake as assets flow in new directions. Saturn will hold us each back in order to embrace the needs of all.

Tuesday, Apr 5, to midday

At 11:17am Venus Ingresses Pisces.

Here our desires will go from circulating in groups of people to isolating and recharging our batteries.

At 2:49pm Mars at 22:56 Aquarius Squares the North Node at 22:56 Aquarius.

As Mars separates just a tad from Saturn, we may focus more on our own awareness of what the Nodes of Fate are asking of each of us. We are motivated to equalize all the available resources for a greater world to live in. It is never nice to see people who are hungry or have no roof over their heads. We are motivated to be philanthropic with even our own resources.

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