Sudden Attraction & Subconscious Motivations – Apr 6

At 1:53pm Venus at 1:11 Pisces Quintiles Uranus at 13:11 Taurus.

Effortless awareness of our own beauty or someone else’s. Or maybe your values change to align with 5D and for the benefit of all. You likely want to equalize something. Sudden philanthropic values and you could divest yourself of some of your holdings to benefit others. Touch is easy even a hug with someone you would never have thought to before.

At 5:33pm Mars at 23:47 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 23:47 Pisces.

Our motivations right now create an ease between ourselves and groups of people or across social media. You can have sudden awareness to act and your actions are sound and resonate with others. This is Mar’s last aspect to all the Planets at 22-23 degrees: Saturn in Aquarius, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, Mercury in Aries and the True North Node in Taurus. This is a great aspect to wrap up all of these aspects over the last few days. We can feel very settled in the way we assert ourselves or in actions by a group. Look at the events the other aspects have brought forward and see if you can connect them together to see the larger aspects affecting all of us right now.

Tomorrow Mercury aspects Saturn, Jupiter, the North Node and Neptune which will be SEEING these aspects and SPEAKING about all that has been generated as all the Planets meet between now and Apr 12.

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