Mercury Squares Pluto & Jupiter Conjuncts Neptune – Apr 10/11

Sunday, Apr 10, EST

At 4:45am Mercury at 28:30 Aries Squares Pluto at 28:30 Capricorn.

We have been initiating communication with little trouble until this aspect. The Square can bring in suspicion and the lower vibration of each’s Planets energies. Mercury in Aries can be ready to start a war of words and Pluto is prepared to respond with some nukes or virtual ‘nukes’… like taking back some money they had promised. But it doesn’t have to play out this way in your world when you are aware of the energies and let it play out without much reaction to it. Fighting words should be ignored for best effect. So if you feel yourself ready to jump into a battle, check yourself. There is nothing to be gained from this exchange. On the global arena, there could be some ‘scare’ in the news as that is where Mercury creates most of his duality and fear.

At 10:09pm Mercury Ingresses Taurus.

For the last 2 weeks we have been thinking fast and initiating lots of communications. But now that will slow down and we will desire more loving words and make plans more slowly as Taurus is Fixed Earth. Taurus isn’t going anywhere, except for those degrees where Uranus is plowing the field and inserting some electrical flares to wake you up. Mercury will be talking about our values, our bottom lines, our assets and ways to acquire until he Ingresses his own Sign of Gemini on Apr 29.

Monday, Apr 11

At 10:30am Saturn at 22:57 Aquarius Squares the North Node at 22:57 Taurus.

We have been feeling this energy build to its crescendo for weeks. Saturn in aspect to the Nodes of Fate can bring up some past-life memories and situations. So often there is more going on than we realize. Saturn in Aquarius is a changing of the status quo. Our careers are leveling out. We will be free of so much government by the time Saturn leaves Aquarius. But Saturn has also been restricting our socializing and bringing up censorship (restriction) on social media platforms (Aquarius). We are focused on groups via online exchanges, but less active in physical groups. Its our cocoon to navigate the big changes going on in our outer world.

The Nodes of Fate across the 2 money Houses of Taurus (North Node) and Scorpio (South Node) is transferring our shared resources to our own personal assets. Saturn is the authority brings about Aquarian ‘equalizing’ of these assets and resources. Saturn rules governments, banks and corporations. They are being divested of their assets for the good of all. Aquarius is philanthropic and wants equality for all. It is happening. In the Age of Aquarius, you won’t really need to ‘stockpile’ money though because money is a ‘current/currency’ of electricity that you tap into. Your fear is the only thing blocking your ability to receive of the infinite energy of the Universe.

This energy can hit those who have ‘saved’ for a long time with a fear of the change, but it must happen for our new reality to fully take root. Say goodbye to the Age of Pisces and move into the light of the Age of Aquarius. This aspect is setting the stage financially and holding public authorities to account for ensuring that it is happening.

On Tuesday, Jupiter will exact his Conjunction to Neptune. By then, most transportation will likely come to a halt in order for all legal and distribution issues to be dissolved for a new way to come forward when Jupiter Ingresses Aries on May 10. And on Tuesday the Sun will move through the aspects of the Planets at 22-23 degrees of Saturn in Aquarius, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, Sun in Aries and North Node in Taurus. Lots of clarity is incoming around these 2 big aspects: Saturn Square the Nodes and Jupiter Conjunct Neptune.

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