Sun Reaches 22-23 degrees Bringing Clarity – Apr 12

Tuesday, Apr 12, EST

On Tuesday afternoon through early Thursday morning, the Sun will move through all the Outer Planets and Points at 22-23 degrees of the Signs: Saturn in Aquarius, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, Sun in Aries and the North Node in Taurus. We will have clarity and see our new goals and purpose around the ideas we had, plans we made and communications sent and received while Mercury made these same aspects on Apr 7-8. There will be a connection, but we are getting clear.

At 3:38pm the Sun at 22:53 Aries Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 22:53 Taurus.

A minor aspect but look for some clarity of action that you take that aligns with your thoughts from Apr 7 at 12:58pm. The North Node is holding us accountable to soulfully dealing with our personal resources and our values. The Sun in Aries is offering clarifying actions to achieve that accountability.

At 8:14pm the Sun at 23:04 Aries Sextiles Saturn at 23:04 Aquarius.

This is a bit more productive aspect which will help us see how to break free of some social isolation or restrictions we have been experiencing. We can see ways to assert ourselves in order to achieve our new goals. Mercury made this aspect to Saturn on Apr 7 at 8:37am. Check your emails, texts, social media to make the connection to things expressed at that time and how this energy enhances our plans from then.

Wednesday, Apr 13, AM

At 12:30am Mars at 28:32 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto at 28:32 Capricorn.

Some productive ways to operate in groups, unions, affiliations that can enhance your sense of personal sovereignty and even help you secure some financial backing or career goals. Motivation is to move and groove with some new awareness that will further these aims.

At 10:45am Mercury at 5:02 Taurus Quintiles Saturn at 23:07 Aquarius.

Mercury Sextiled Saturn on Apr 7 and has progressed 12 degrees in only 6 days! He is moving fast so you know he has a Retrograde up ahead. But for today our thoughts and ideas are helping us secure some effortless ways to enhance our bottom-lines via some social networking or circulating in groups. Saturn is just separating from the Nodes of Fate and the ‘greatest transfer of wealth’ that will be seen up ahead when Mercury reaches Uranus and the North Node, but today we are able to secure some effortless results to acquire some social status, some financial benefits or just dealing with authorities in group affiliations.

At 12:07pm the Sun at 23:43 Aries Semi-Squares Venus at 8:43 Pisces.

Our clarity around achieving some goals is now working as well with our subconscious desires to avoid and isolate. Right now we are keeping our beauty, finances and values under wraps as they are dissolved to reveal new values when Venus Ingresses Aries on May 2. So our goals may be challenging desires today because we are sure we value this new purpose yet. But we will be ready on May 2 to move full-speed ahead.

NOTE: Much of our ‘transfer of wealth’ may not be realized until the Apr 30 Solar Eclipse and Venus Ingressing Aries. But there are great new things ahead. Move into the new age with grace at that time.

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